Death's in Noah's flood

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  • waton
    thought that myself: why no massive amounts of human skeletons if we find bones of giant beasts?

    and why were the mummies of that same time, or before ~ 2500 BC, -- in wooden caskets, not been soaked and landed on Mt Ararat too? No floating object older than that should have been left in place, and not destroyed by mould. Not to speak of the pressure, or turbulence.

  • atomant

    it would have been so much easier to isolate adam and his family then destroy the baddys through other means,rather than wipe out nearly all innocent life forms such as animals.

  • waton
    it would have been so much easier to isolate adam and his family then destroy the baddys through other means,rather than wipe out nearly all innocent life forms such as animals.

    Yeah, but as Kennedy said later " WE are doing this not because it is easy, but because it is hard."

    Noah is held up as a WT hero, taking on the impossible, totally avoidable task. (not so for JK)

  • Tahoe
  • jwfacts

    I read a non-Watchtower book that indicated it would be around 1 billion people. That was based on population growth algorithms, factoring in the large size of families given in Genesis, and that people lived into their 900's.

  • venus

    Number could be more than 8 billion, because

    Flood story is a poor copy of the myths found in other cultures. Essence of those myths is that what is new becomes old in the due course of time, and God renews what has become old through some means which varies from culture to culture. That means Old World would end with more than 8 billion people, and New World would again start with two people.

    Hebrews preferred a global flood which may or may not be true. What is true is that Old World would end through some means, and New World would begin with two persons. This would mean there are two phases to each block of history [and two different words for humans to describe their pre-fall and post fall nature]:

    First half of history [New World] is filled with perfect people who had control over their body organs.

    Second half of history [Old World] is filled with imperfect people who lost their control over their body, hence began to be ruled by body.

    Interestingly, the word diamond comes from the Greek adamao, which means "I tame" or "I subdue;" and its adjective adamas means “unbreakable.” From this came the English word adamant [from a = ‘not’ + daman = ‘to tame’] meaning “untamable, invincible”. New World people are adamant stubbornly refusing to listen to Satan (vices personified). In Hebrew language (older than Greek), related to adamah is the word adam, which means “man” or “mankind” in their sinless stage during pre-fall period when they had perfect control over their bodies. In the East, the word for man [admi, admah ..etc] has the same connotation. The Sanskrit words "manush" "manava," meaning “a person with thinking ability,” have the connotation of one who is in control of himself acting thoughtfully in consideration of pros and cons before executing the action, thus using his thinking abilities to rule over his bodily organs.

    This is in contrast to the post-fall people of the second half of the history [also called narak or hell] where they are being ruled by body [bulk of which is neer or water], hence humans are called nara-naaris [from neer, water] who show the characteristics of neer or water that takes the form of its container, the symbol of being ruled by circumstances.

  • smiddy3

    What pisses me off is why did Jah have to kill off all of the land animals and bird life

    because of humans ?

    Obviously he never killed off any marine life did he.

    He was biased and selective .

    This story and also the rest of the "Old Testament" / Hebrew Scriptures contradicts the scripture that says

    " For God loved the world so much that he gave his only begotten son in order that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life "John 3:16

    For the first 4,000 years of human history according to the Bible Jehovah God was hell bent on destroying anybody who wasn`t an Israelite.

    Kill man woman child and old man and old women ,let not your eye feel sorry for them.

    And God is love ?

  • waton
    because of humans ?

    Almost all organic life had to die, drowned, not because of humans, but the orgasm desires of rogues in "god's" heavenly organisation.

    Typical bible blame game, kill the victims. rogue orgs.

  • MrRoboto


    Your description reminds me of the Architect scene in the Matrix but with slightly different numbers of survivors chosen to start the new world.

    So how long you figure we got before the machines reset us? :)

  • eyeuse2badub

    What bothers me about this fictitious story in the book of Hebrew Mythology (aka Bible) is this:

    Noah spends decades building a boat to save only 8 humans but thousands of animals. He should have been spending all those hours in field service trying to save people. He and his family of preachers failed to convert even one person! He should have spent more time preparing his field service presentation! Not even one convert in decades of preaching! I guess is preaching was like the jw preaching today. It's all about the hours not the people!

    just saying!

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