Steak And Kidney Pie.

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  • Valis

    Anythin fer you mouthy....Oi bloke!! Yeee I'm a talkin toya! Serrrrrve this lassie some jellied eels n' cockles and look lively man! Sorry Mouthy...that's the beast I candew...Ya know all the Brits are hard o'hearing anyway..maybe throw some mushy peas at the cheeky bastard and get is tention why dontcha? Oi! Food fight!


    District Overbeer of the "Bangers n' Mash" class

  • RedhorseWoman

    You're bringing back memories here. When I was first married, we pretty much lived on steak and kidney pie because a local butcher couldn't sell the kidneys (no one wanted them) so he would give them away if you asked. Every week, we would trek up to that butcher's and beg for kidneys. If we were particularly flush with money that week, oysters would go into the mix.

    I should make that again sometime.

  • mouthy

    Cor blimey Valis !! Watcha Cock!!! I enjoyed them.... Glad your in charge.....(((hug))) I love England & its grub.....

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