JW Ideal candidates for Life Insurance?

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  • JWdaughter

    My hubby is in insurance. If your only life ins is through your employer, you could, depending on policy, be without a job or life insurance at a past your prime age. You should all check that you are covered in event of termination of employment for whatever reason. Easier to buy privately when you are younger, healthier and preferably employed than when older with health issues. Financial planning should start when young as possible and long term planning should not rest with one employer keeping you. They dont much do that anymore.

    So far as jw life ins business. . .dont go for the low hanging fruit. Get quality customers that will not drop coverage the minute they are alarmed by a world event and would rather go out for dinner than pay their life insurance premiums when they are never going to die.

  • rebel8
    I am not a Jehovah's Witness, although I do respect your religion entirely.

    If you respect the jw religion, then you lack information.

    I was thinking of a good demographic of people who not only would appreciate the idea of setting up their family for success, but also who would be the "preferred standard" in the insurance agencies eyes.

    jws believe Armageddon is coming at any second. The act of buying life insurance is counter to that belief. They are also less educated than the general public and do not believe in careers. That means they have less to spend on optional insurance.

    For you, they present extra risks because they do not believe in some major medical treatments.

  • steve2

    MNLifeAgent, you do come across as sales savvy which has undoubtedly prompted your OP.

    Where the making of money is concerned it is possible to overlook oppression - or put a positive spin on it.

    You do have that insurance ability to sniff out a potential market at every opportunity. I'm surprised you are making your pitch to those who have left the JWs and/or seriously questioning JW organization and not approaching the Witnesses in the first instance.

  • Nevuela

    smiddy I had a hiccup where I was a bit stumbled for a short time by people.

    Sounds like you haven't entirely escaped the JW mindset because you are blaming someone other than yourself for "stumbling."

    BTW why won't anyone tell me how to quote others in a post? I've asked multiple times all over this forum and no one has ever given an answer. I've tried the " button but it does nothing.

  • steve2

    BTW why won't anyone tell me how to quote others in a post? I've asked multiple times all over this forum and no one has ever given an answer. I've tried the " button but it does nothing.

    This may not be a completely satisfactory answer Nevuela, but I copy by scrolling over the excerpt then paste it in my reply and bolden the excerpt - as I have done with yours. Since the changes to the forum, I have not been able to find the quote feature - so I'd be interested in hearing from those such as Rebel8 who use that quote feature.

  • ShirleyW

    Have to share a story about insurance and JWs that happened in my area of NYC that even made the newspapers about 20 years ago. Some brothers got together and formed there own insurance group and of course the brothers and sisters were their clients, and they ripped them off royally, as mentioned it even made the news here, a few of them were Elders and were disfellowshipped, but I don't think all the brothers that were associated with the insurance co were Dfd,

  • MNLifeAgent

    steve2, :)

    I guess because I knew that I had one chance to bring this before someone who may have some pull at the local Kingdom Hall... You have to realize because of the of the very uniform actions by the JW, it isn't like a local church I can ask if I can post an article in their monthly news bulletin, or offer an educational seminar pertaining to finances and young Christian families. Because of the persecution, the JW community is always on high alert to keep non JWs from defacing their religion, and because there is a certain way to handle so many aspects of life, I wasn't sure if finances were already addressed in excess. And we all can agree, while we spend this time on the earth, the smarter we are with finances, the better off we will be. I wanted to post somewhere where I could get the reaction of multiple people who have the insight of the community, without blowing what I am ultimately trying to bring to light... a way to be protected, receive some peace of mind, and be able to give back to the organization. The way I see it... I will have one opportunity to present one letter-sized piece of paper, with about 2 minutes of time, to one person who can either open this door or close it on me. Oh, and I did not realize there are so many ex-JWs here either ;)

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Hello, MNLifeAgent, and welcome to the forum. As you may have noted, most of the posters here are either ex-JW's or folks who feel trapped within the JW's and wish they could escape without losing all their family and friends. There are a few apologists here, but they don't make much headway. It's hard to defend the indefensible clinging to a belief system based on superstition and hocus-pocus with no basis in fact or science and where unquestioning acceptance and belief is considered a good thing.

    That said, most people other than certain over-the-top religious fanatics realize that insurance has its place as a form a protection for their families. Even the JW leaders recognize this. They published an article in one of their magazines a few years back specifically stating that buying insurance was a good way to take care of one's responsibility to provide for their family in case tragedy strikes. The article said doing so was not showing any lack of faith, but merely acknowledging Solomon's observation that "time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all."

    The only way to sell to large numbers of JW's would be to partner with some JW "heavy" (to allay suspicions and make your products have a sort of "insider" appeal), offer some kind of group policy discount (to make them feel "special"), and most importantly, set up some sort of kickback to the Society. You still won't be able to use the Kingdom Hall or convention sites for anything, but individuals might arrange a get-together of invited guests to hear your spiel and word could get around that way as more and more find they like your products or services. Certain things have caught on, almost like fads, among the JW's in the past and this might too.

    Good luck.

  • OrphanCrow
    MNLifeagent: I wasn't sure if finances were already addressed in excess.

    Lol! Those finances are addressed. Believe me, they are addressed already. Excessively.

    All excess money is to be given to JWorg. Including children's ice cream money.


  • Vidiot
    MNLifeAgent - "I am not a Jehovah's Witness, although I do respect your religion entirely..."

    Clearly, you're unfamiliar with the Jehovah's Witnesses' religion...

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