JW Ideal candidates for Life Insurance?

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  • Vidiot

    Wouldn't it be a kick in the balls if it got to the point where brokers wouldn't sell life insurance policies (or would, but the premiums were through the roof) to JWs specifically because of how high-risk they were?

  • MNLifeAgent

    Thanks everyone for all the knowledgable imput, I am glad I came across this forum!

    So basically, talk to an Elder, offer affordable 2o year coverage (Armageddon right around the corner) with a high Charity Rider? lol...jk, i'm just making sense of it all from the "non jw" stand point I dont have much to lean on. This brings me to another point, can witnesses be involved in sales? Would it be looked at as them making money off the community? I've thought about hiring and training agents, thought about how I could bring it up to a JW looking for a good job, but I know the decision is not ultimately theirs right?... Maybe it would bring some peace of mind for families, knowing that if they were in a car accident and needed a blood transfusion or that would die, they could die knowing that their family would be alright.

  • ShirleyW

    Just wondering, how did you arrive at the conclusion that JWs aren't heavy drinkers?

  • MNLifeAgent


    20:21, 23:29-35

    and Cor 6:19-20

    ...am I off, maybe my cousin just gave up drinking when she converted...

  • MNLifeAgent

    I remember her telling me that no JW would ever want to risk being drunk and passed out or falling over on the day they were judged.


    Jehovah's witnesses are good people, many in great health, not heavy drinkers, not smokers, not felons, family and church orientated.

    On what planet would that be?

    I just want to be able to educate the community that their life style choices have made them good candidates without them doing anything but following Jehovah.

    So you`re really here to sell Jehovah`s Witnesse`s/Watchtower..

    We get JW`s here all the time..

    Who lie about who they are and why they`re here,so they can Preach the Truth..

  • Simon

    I can see JWs being a "good" demographic for life insurance companies - the mandate not to smoke / take recreational drugs / take part in risky endeavours / not own guns will probably make them a lower-risk category in some ways.

    Life insurance for JWs, like retirement & pension planning probably has some particular "peculiarities" that could be a niche for someone knowledgable about the beliefs and how they impact people's thinking and outlook.

    The danger is that it could appear to lean toward "affinity fraud" (I don't mean it's fraud, more the targeting of a specific group, esp. if someone feigned membership or interest in order to do it).

  • MNLifeAgent

    Wow, there really is a lot of tension in these forums isnt there? Well, if my writings are persuasive enough to make people in here think I am a legit JW, then I will take that as my passion for what I am trying help the world with is real. You all buy car insurance and probably will never have to use it, death is imminent, and people who are loved by young ones and are the financial provider for young ones need to have a policy for their legacy... why work hard to create the world you live and work and love in everyday to have one chance accident, or cancer, or a heart attack break the hearts of your family, and leave them in a struggle and empty. Obviously, I feel its a no brainer, and I have all the passion in the world about it. But no I am not a JW, I am a ELCA Lutheran, I read the NKJV, and I am in here to learn more about what I dont know, not lie to people about who I am.

  • MNLifeAgent


    Having one half of my family in the religion has put me in the position to be converted multiple times. I always feel the same... I believe in God and I believe in the bible, but I dont believe in what I have been told enough to give my life and the life of my daughter to it. That does not mean I havent seen the pattern in good choices, and seemingly structured lives many possess. Although I wouldnt convert, like I said I wouldnt mind training the right witnesses if the community felt a need to get some informatin on the subject.

  • dozy

    JWs can be involved in sales - I've known a few who are good salesmen / women. In some respects the JW training has helped - with the Theocratic Ministry School ( now disbanded ) and constant "cold calling" on doors some have become really competent at persuasion , presentation and marketing what is basically a really unappealing product (becoming a JW ) and have been able to transfer that skill to a secular advantage.

    In addition , because college and university courses are very much discouraged , sales is an avenue that some JWs can get into as it doesn't necessarily involve a great deal of education. In my former congregation there is a JW who is a brilliant new car salesman- basically could sell ice to an Eskimo. He is still on my Facebook friends list and regularly updates with various company funded vacations from exotic locations for hitting sales targets.

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