While A Witness, Did You Ever Date A "Worldly Person"?

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  • gitasatsangha

    I dated witness girls and non-witness girls. First time I was caught and I had to break it up. The whole way my parents had me end it was sadistic on their part. Anyway, that is their burden.

    After that I got creative. I had a witness girlfriend that I did regular approved stuff with, as a cover for whoever I was dating in the world. No one was the wiser. It wasn't a nice thing to do, and probably caused me to do some things later in life which were wrong, but it was a strategy for dealing with an authoritarian regime.

  • sandy

    I dated a "worldy boy" secretly of course when I was 17. I adored him so much. He actually started studying with the JW's just to keep me. What a Sweetheart!!!

    I never pushed him or even asked him once to study. But I did let him know (many times) that I felt what him and I were doing was wrong and I should break up with him. But he figured what could be so bad about going to church if it means keeping the girl I love. Oh to be young naive and in lust!!!

    He was so scared when they told him he should become an un-baptized publisher. But he did it anyways. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t attend the same hall as me and why after all his changes I still wanted to keep our relationship a secret. I was always so afraid of what people would think of me. I made him go to the Spanish Congregation because I didn’t know too many people there. LOL Well I finally broke it off with him when I was 18 and regretted it for a long time afterward. Fortunately for him that was the end of his JW life.

  • larc

    To add to the survey, yes I dated worldly girls. I did marry a Witness girl. That's the bad news. The good news is that she had doubts about the religion, as did I. After we got married at the Kingdom Hall, we immediately began our fade away. Marrying her was a very good decision. We could share our doubts and move on with life at the same pace. When we left, there were no support groups, or the internet, so we were pretty much on our own.

  • rocketman

    All but one of the girls I dated were non-jws. The worst dating experiences I had were with the jw girl. I hated the chaperoning stuff.

  • bittersweet

    I had a few worldly boyriends in school. Then ultimately, another witness kid would tell on me, and then it was off into my moms room to go over the "Young People Ask" articles in the AWAKE. UGH!!!

    Funny thing is, my worldly boyfriends were so innocent. The only ones I ever fooled around with were the witness boys. Go figure.

  • freedom96

    Yes, I did. Much more interesting than dating a JW.

  • caligirl

    Yes, but they were very short lived relationships! Not much to go on when they can't call you, and you can't actually see them outside of school. I did almost get caught making out in the hallway by a witness teacher (who studied with my father.)

  • minimus

    I continue to think about comments presented on this forum attributed to the District Overseer stating that dating a worldly person is the same as going to a funeral director and asking him to open up a casket so that you can kiss the decaying body. Anyone not a JW is DEAD! So why would you want to go there?......Another example of how the Society attempts to control every aspect of your life.

  • TresHappy

    Yes I did, and I all I got was hell for it...you're rebellious...the same as Satan...this is part of Jehovah's upbuilding organization...tear you down til you feel like crap...

  • sandy

    My honie is pretty hot for a dead body.

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