While A Witness, Did You Ever Date A "Worldly Person"?

by minimus 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • berylblue

    I married one.

    Big mistake. But not b/c he wasn't a JW. Because he was a selfish git.


  • anti-absolutist

    I did date one girl in grade 12. She broke up with me because she said 'she could tell how important my religion was to me and she didn't want to be responsible for me leaving it.'

    Shit, couldn't she have TAKEN me out then?????!!!!!! Damn!!!


  • liquidsky

    yes. And I married him.

  • 95stormfront
    I mean why waste time going out with a girl who kept an aspirin firmly clamped between her knees

    I beleive that's just a myth perpetrated by JW PR. JW girls are just as likely to "give up the goods" as any other girl out there....given time.

  • hippikon
    While A Witness, Did You Ever Date A "Worldly Person"?

    No but I screwed a few

  • Mulan

    Yep! I was a witness from age 4 (parents actually), and it was back in the 60's when I was in high school. I dated boys from school and others I met around town. No biggie back then. At least in our area it was no big deal. I married a dub though, at age 17................still married 40 years later. I lucked out, totally!!

  • playdrums

    I'm the datee trying to figure out how to be the liberator. Stumped so far but this board helps! :-)

  • jgnat

    Another datee's thoughts.

    That is all great and wonderful for the JW's. I understand that normal "worldly" people may be a necessary safety valve for a JW. Too bad for the datees, who have no idea why their partner is so hot and cold and guilty as heck. One bad day of guilt, and they could dump their lovers like a sack of bad potatoes.

    The irony is that these (relatively) normal people can help the JW's keep up the facade that much longer by keeping them grounded.

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