While A Witness, Did You Ever Date A "Worldly Person"?

by minimus 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    How many here ever dated a "worldly" person, while still a JW?

  • Pleasuredome

    yes i did. i dated 2 worldly girls who were 100 times more interesting than any jw girl i met.

  • DanTheMan

    Not really.

    I passed up some great opportunities though. I waited tables at a local restaurant for 3 years (1995-1998) and there was a girl there who I really liked, we had instant chemistry. Funny thing, she really wasn't pretty, but she had a certain something. I'm sure she wondered why the hell didn't I ask her out. I went back there to eat a few months ago, she's long gone, nobody even remembered her. *sigh*

  • blondie

    I was inactive and had been told by JWs that I was not a JW because I did not participate in the ministry and attend meetings. So I was surprised that when I started dating a "worldly" person that I was told I was dating "out of the truth." Make up your minds, folks!


  • Francois

    Are you kidding? I was in c-c-c-c-college. I wouldn't waste my time with those JW girls (well, except for a couple over in the Bristol, TN congregation). I mean why waste time going out with a girl who kept an aspirin firmly clamped between her knees when you could go out with a girl who kept an aspirin pressed against each ear...with a knee?


  • goofy

    Yes, I did. I even married a Worldly guy. Divorced now though and dated worldly guys after that too. Passed up on many good opportunities though when my conscience was "working" at points in my life. My only regret is that I didn't date some of the worldly guys I passed up when I thought I was being good.

  • Robdar

    I dated a "worldly boy". I chose Jehovah's earthly organization and broke it off with him. Not long afterwards, because of an Elder's Thursday night talk regarding obeying the WTBTS even if they told me to jump off a bridge, I realized that not only had I made a mistake breaking up with my boyfriend, but that most JWs were so brainwashed as to be unbelievable.

    Because I had also been reading my Bible on my own and discovered certain untruths about the truth, I decided to give the next "worldly boy" that I might date a chance. I wound up marrying him. We had a beautiful baby boy together and then I divorced him. He was everything that the society had told me that worldly people are. As a matter of fact, most "worldly guys" are exactly the way the WTBTS said they would be. But then, I have former girlfriends who married in the "truth" only to find out that their husbands had the same undesirable traits as "worldly men". I guess it must be the broken chromosome factor


  • nowisee

    oh, of course.

    in high school i even went steady (without parents' knowledge). but it wasn't "serious" if you know what i mean.

  • joannadandy

    I never dated a witness guy.

    I ONLY dated worldly guys. A few reasons for this, first off I was bad association and didn't meet my monthly quota of service hours to be viewed as good spiritual wife material. Second, witness guys held no interest for me. Most of them were uneducated, and proud, and their career goals amounted to, "well umm...I think I will work like part-time, like umm...maybe with my dad in his cleaning business...yeah, that'd be cool." (Best if read in Keanu Reeves voice). Third, I knew I didn't want to be a janitors wife. Fourth, I also knew I didn't want to get married at 18...and that by the time I was ready to get married, oh say 29-33? All the witness mens would be snapped up.

    I also wanna add something else on this subject...the organization is right to not want us to date outside the "truth". No not because two souls will be unevenly yoked, but because they will get you to think for yourself for the first time ever.

    If it wasn't for worldly boys...I'd probably still be in. No, I didn't leave to have sex. (I could have gotten that more abundantly from Dub boys--horny bastards). I would probably still be in, totally miserable...following a faith I found to be totally hollow and devoid of spirituality--and still too afraid to touch anything that might be deemed "apostate literature".

  • MoeJoJoJo

    lol francois

    My father scared all of the witness boys off, so I started secretly dating worldly boys.

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