Sex before marriage

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  • Vanderhoven7

    We do insist on a lot of things in our society...and rightly so in most cases; age of consent for example. Another would be against having unprotected consensual sex if you know you have HIV and your partner doesn't.

    But I am not advocating making and enforcing laws against having pre-marital sex. I am advocating promoting abstinance through the media and schools.

  • Meli

    Interesting post. Its crazy that after having just been "spiritually awoken, twice. I seriously rethink this...

    I'm not sure whats more of the serious topic, sex before marriage or marriage, and what sex is after it?

  • EmptyInside

    Don't forget that those who are married,may have sex outside their marriage. Personally, there has to be feelings there. But,I do have hang-ups,from being raised a Witness.

    On a side note,seems like more Witnesses are being disfellowshipped for adultery. I wonder if it was because they married too young,just to have sex.

  • stan livedeath
  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Sex, like speeding, has consequences. Only do it if you are capable and willing to accept responsibility of the outcome. Both can be exhilarating and tremendously enjoyable. If you're careful and smart about it, you can most likely enjoy it and get away with it. But doing so recklessly will end up with unwanted consequences, possibly disaster, sooner or later.

    If you walk away with only a ticket, you're either lucky, or doing it wrong 😉

    That said, I am in favor of pre marital sex, between two responsible, sensible individuals. I dont think I was mature enough to handle the consequences my first time, as a teenager. I certainly wasn't ready for marriage. I do believe sexual compatibility is important in a marriage, and while a couple can find that compatibility, it's much, much easier to figure out prior to marriage. Especially in the environment we live in now.

  • snugglebunny

    If you're not attached, keep a pack of condoms in your pocket and have a shag whenever you, the shagger, fancy it and the shaggee is up for it too.

    If you are in a relationship, don't do it with anyone else. Because if you do, your partner will know. Worse still, you'll know that she knows. Even worse, she will know that you know that she knows.


  • Vidiot
    OnTheWayOut - "The Bible is against sex outside of marriage, yes."

    It could very strongly be argued that the Bible is also against democracy, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, too.

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