copycat burns his pecker

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  • greven
  • Angharad

    OUCH !!!!!


  • unclebruce

    LOL - young and impressionable people? at 17 .. geez, i was a hard working man with serious congregational responsibilities at 17. At 17 my soon to be wife cried her eyes out thinking she'd been left on the shelf LOL.

    A seriously bent 3 year old might need be told not to f--- with american icons lest they burn ya willy off, but 17? come on. lol . Send the lad to Iraq wrapped in the mother of all apple pies i say.


  • xjw_b12

    YIPES ! Cherry pie used to be my favourite, until I saw the movie. Now I have to "stroke " apple pie off the list too !

    Gawd, is no desert sacred ! .

  • COMF

    Next thing you know, pie bakers will be required to affix a warning to the pie: "Caution: for internal consumption only. Do not shag."

  • ashitaka
    "Caution: for internal consumption only. Do not shag."


  • tyydyy

    Geesh. I once had 3rd degree burns on 35% of my body and there's no way I would have traded with that guy. Hmmmm Makes me wonder.......LOL.........I can see him stealing the pie that his mom just baked and taking it to the bathroom. 30 seconds later there is a blood curdling scream. Then he has to show his mother so she'll take him to the hospital. Get's to the hospital, with no pant's or underwear and has to show the doctors and nurses just how stupid he's been. I can see his mom saying: " Where in the world did you ever get an idea like that?"

    It hurts to think about it but then I've earned the right to laugh at pain. I wonder if anyone ate the pie.


  • freeman

    Let’s not be so quick to render a harsh judgment against this young man. How do we know the pie didn’t lead him on? Did the pie put up a fight, did it scream? Oh no I guess that was him screaming, never mind. It seems to me the only way to get to the bottom of all this is to have the Elders investigate this.

    Movie or no movie, there are just certain places you don’t put your pecker. These include: Meat grinders, barbeque grills, and the carving table of a Japanese restaurant. And now I guess we can add pastries to the list, particularly hot apple pie as a place NOT to put your pecker. Just when you think you have heard it all...

    All kidding aside, this is one sick puppy!


  • gitasatsangha

    Besides, cocoanut cream pies just FEEL better.

  • pr_capone

    Git! EWWWWWWWW! Lemon Merangue is better! ROFLMAO

    Kansas District Overbeer

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