copycat burns his pecker

by greven 31 Replies latest social humour

  • JamesThomas

    I was married at seventeen, and had a burn too, but it was caused more from copious amounts of friction.


  • rocky220

    I guess he wont be doin' dat no more!!!!! [roflmao]...rocky220

  • SheilaM

    OHMYGOSH!!!!!!! WOW, that musta hurt like the dickens <errr no pun intended>

  • COMF

    James... you're supposed to lick it first, to get it good and wet.

  • freedom96

    That is too funny.

  • ring

    I'm sure his parents are very proud

  • minimus

    If this 17 yr. old was a baptized JW, what do you think would have happened? Here's what I envision. The parents would feel impelled to call the older men to meet them at the hospital. The young man might need a blood transfusion. They would need to be there for spiritual support. Meanwhile, they would check as to whether the pie was eaten also (for extra charges), then they would have to inspect where the immoralty occured. Then at the hospital room, he would be (allegedly) charged with fornication, loose conduct and uncleanness. He would be questioned as to whether this was just an impulse thing or if there was some definite planning to fornicate with the pie. Did he willingly caress the pie to such a point that he became excited? Was it merely because the pie was so hot that he stopped fornicating the pie, or if the pie didn't scorch him, would he have lustfully continued penetrating the pie? Were others involved, goading him on to this act? ( see, if others might be mentioned, more kids could get (allegedly) charged. If the boy would not cooperate with the elders, he would be showing, himself, that he purposely took this action on and therefore would in effect be disassociating himself from the Christian Congregation.....all over a silly pie.


    I'm sticking to date squares.

  • COMF

    I'm sticking to date squares

    Pie are squared?

  • Stephanus

    He could have saved himself a lot of trouble by inserting a meat thermometer BEFORE he inserted his meat!

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