U.S. Say It May Have Found Iraqi WMD Storage Site

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  • Yizuman

    Can anyone say this is not good enough of a reason to go to war against Iraq, especially after this madman helped Saddam kill over 200,000 Kurdish people using chemical weapons against them???

    Here's what is even more sickening, killing their own family members...


    He was no less brutal with his own family.

    His nephew and Saddam's son-in-law, Lt. Gen. Hussein Kamel, was in charge for many years of Iraq's clandestine weapons programs before defecting in 1995 to Jordan with his brother, Saddam Kamel, who was married to Saddam's other daughter.

    Both brothers were lured back to Iraq in February 1996 and killed on their uncle's orders, together with several other family members."


  • freedom96


    The nonsense you just wrote is ............ well, just that: complete nonsense! What utter rubbish!

    I cannot believe someone really believes that Bush is as bad as Saddam! I best end this comment before I say something that gets deleted.

  • Elsewhere
    The US sees as much tyranny, torture, racism and exploitation of the weak as the Iraquis do, it's just better organized and manipulated so the people don't see it. Just because you have more money and access to more gadgets than the Iraquis do doesn't prove that you're perfect or don't have hidden agendas.

    Let me know when you are dragged out of your house in middle of the night, tortured and executed for speaking against the "American Tyranny".

    Oops! Wait a minute… here in America you are guaranteed the freedom of speech… so that won’t happen.

  • Gopher


    So you tell me I'm afraid to travel, that my freedoms are gone, and that the media here in the USA are all in lockstep with government. Now it's my turn to tell you.. get real !! There is no comparison to life here and life under a brutal dictator. Nada, zilch, none.

    Oh, and can you name the country where a woman was recently hanged just for waving to a foreign soldier? And in what country was a 9-year-old boy shot because his parents didn't cooperate with the government? What country doesn't allow debate among its citizens about its policy, and what country is using brutal force on its people because it fears losing their loyalty?

  • Gamaliel


    In that case, if people think like that, [that "U.S. tyranny is just better organized and manipulated."]....why aren't people leaving the USA in droves?

    Probably because in many other countries tyranny is not as well organized or manipulated. It's very difficult to live in those other types of tyrannies. Also because most types of tyranny in this country is focused externally on countries that might be detrimental to our economic way of life, or at least the economic "way of life" for a few powerbrokers in this country.

    What if you picked a country to run to that fell afoul of the economic potential of the United States? The United States might just have to send in CIA terrorists as WE ADMIT WE DID in Central America, for example, to topple the government or create/provide an excuse to bully that government. If possible, of course, we will fund their own ready-made terrorists (which we will call freedom fighters for as long as they are working indirectly for our longer-range economic interests).

    In any case, our own country's tyranny is usually protecting us. When this country's tyranny has been pointed internally, it has been primarily been focused on poorer classes and races (blacks, latino, native american) who are less mobile. Also, we don't gas our own people, even though we have been known to gas other people like in Bhopal, India for example, but it was an accident. U.S. tyrants have the largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the world. No one in power in this country would dare speak out against our having chemical weapons, our stockpiling of chemical weapons, our creation of new chemical weapons, or our need to sell these chemical weapons to other tyrants like Saddam. Funny how this country's leaders never even spoke out against Iraq's use of chemical weapons for over a decade.

    The biggest problem with your question is that it assumes that if people aren't fleeing in droves from a tyrant -- that this somehow proves that those in power are not tyrants. Using your logic, millions of non-Kurdish Iraqi people do not think Saddam is a tyrant. Do you really believe Saddam is not a tyrant?

    People are not as free as you might believe. If you have no money and no job and are tied to a specific economic, social or family system for your livelihood then could you just up and move to another country for ANY reason. The sanctions enforced by the tyranny of the U.S. on Iraq has resulted in the deaths of about 1,500,000 Iraqis. (Those are U.S. estimates.) What kind of tyrant kills half a million children in a country through "biological warfare" (enforced starvation)? Yet that is exactly what the United States did INSTEAD of taking out Saddam for humanitarian/human rights reasons which we have had reason to do for nearly two decades. Why didn't we recommend a coalition to take him out before we tried crippling the country first. Is it because we are a tyrant but not a brave tyrant? Why did the United States tacitly approve of this tyrant's handling of his own people? Why did we approve of his weapons? Why did we sell him his weapons?

    It's because most nations that can, become as tyrannical as they can get away with. Perhaps that's unfair, and some nations actually don't have a desire to rape and pillage other nations and their resources in the way that the USA and several European and Asian countries have become famous for over the last 500 years especially. Some nations finally get more sophisticated about it. After a few hundred years we finally stop killing our own inhabitants through civil war, near genocide against native americans, suppression of human rights against various unempowered races. When we the people of the US have enough power we take it out against other nations. We aren't the kind of tyrants that need to use the same tactics as most other nations. Sometimes we act more like a mafia boss that just wants a piece of the economic action wherever we can get it. Sometimes we act like a high-school bully that can just provoke and provoke and provoke the weak little 1st graders, and hope one finally lashes back at us so we can pound them into the dust. (I believe we used those exact words in Afghanistan.) This month, it's "Operation Iraqi Beat'em" into the sand.

    Sorry I picked your thread to rant in. I can also write a very pro-USA thread, but I thought I'd just try to answer the question about how this country could be a tyrant even if the people weren't leaving in droves.


  • Pleasuredome

    sorry to dash your hopes on this one.... but i'm sure it'll come.


  • Robdar

    In that case, if people think like that, why aren't people leaving the USA in droves? You won't find any simply because they KNOW what good they got in this country compare to other countries. Maybe a few will leave, but not everyone.

    Because the average Joe doesn't have the ability or means to exit the USA in droves. That priviledge is for the rich. Check out immigration laws and you might learn something. It is very, very difficult to pick up and go to another country. Unless you have a talent/profession that the other country needs or unless you have money. Which you don't, oh supposedly homeless one who still finds a computer to post his nonsense on day and endless night. You are stuck here. I am glad you don't mind.


  • DJ


  • DJ

    Because the average Joe doesn't have the ability or means to exit the USA in droves. That priviledge is for the rich. Check out immigration laws and you might learn something. It is very, very difficult to pick up and go to another country. Unless you have a talent/profession that the other country needs or unless you have money. Which you don't, oh supposedly homeless one who still finds a computer to post his nonsense on day and endless night. You are stuck here. I am glad you don't mind.


    That's like really.........DUMB. Many, many. many people have found ways to flee oppressive nations w/o being very wealthy. Where there is a will there is a way. My grandparents immigrated to this country from Italy in the early 1900's w/ practically no money. Italy wasn't even oppressing them. If you can leave your home country just because you feel like it w/ no money.....how much more capable is a person to leave an oppresive country w/ no money.


    It would serve you well to think a bit more in depth before you spout off ridulous accusations. If you are in America, then I suggest to you that perhaps you would be better off in another country. . If you are not an American then I suggest that you visit. Not everything is smoke and mirrors. That is jw mentality. Are you still enslaved? To the pure all things are pure but to the defiled all things are defiled. I have never been particulary patriotic, the jw 's saw to that while I was a kid but you spoke with pure malice and it's clear that you are full of hate. Not to mention dead wrong.

  • Robdar


    You should be sure of your facts before you go getting all hateful and malefic. Sure people have found ways in the past before the laws were tightened. I have been looking over the immigration laws to Holland and to England. Give it go...then come back and tell me how easy it is. It is also harder now to come to the USA for more than 6 months if you do not have support or if you are not a specialist who can work in a field where we do not have enough people to fill the work force.

    Go check. Here's you a place to start....http://britain-info.org/. Go for it, and then tell me how you would manage to work in live in GB. Unless you are a health professional, or a citizen of an English territory, or perhaps a published artist or have somebody to suppy you money, you are not welcome except to visit and spend your tourist dollars.

    And please, you are the one that is very, very wrong. Malice? Perhaps. Hate? I think that you might know a little more about that than you are letting on.


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