U.S. Say It May Have Found Iraqi WMD Storage Site

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  • Yizuman

    From: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/nm/20030407/ts_nm/iraq_usa_cache_dc&cid=564&ncid=1473

    NEAR BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. biological and chemical weapons experts believe they may have found an Iraqi storage site for chemical weapons, a U.S. officer told Reuters on Monday.

    A military source who declined to be identified said there were unconfirmed reports there could be sarin -- a highly lethal nerve agent that causes death by suffocation -- at the site.

    Iraq ( news - web sites) is believed to have used sarin against Kurdish Iraqis in the 1980s.

    "Our detectors have indicated something," said Major Ross Coffman, a public affairs officer with the U.S. 3rd Infantry.

    "We're talking about finding a site of possible WMD storage. This is an initial report, but it could be a smoking gun," he said, adding that the site was south of the central Iraqi town of Hindiyah.

    "It is not as if there is a cloud of gas hanging everywhere endangering soldiers lives. We're talking about a facility," Coffman added.

    Military sources said experts were looking at three 50-gallon barrels and 11 25-gallon barrels found at the site. As well as sarin, they may also have found phosgene, a choking agent that causes fluid buildup in the lungs, he said.

    Brigadier General Vicent Brooks at U.S. Central Command forward headquarters in Qatar said he knew of no discoveries of weapons of mass destruction, but said that didn't mean they weren't waiting to be found.

    The U.S. news station National Public Radio, reporting what appeared to be a separate discovery, said U.S. forces found a weapons cache of around 20 medium-range missiles equipped with potent chemical weapons.

    NPR said the rockets, BM-21 missiles, were equipped with sarin and mustard gas and were "ready to fire."

    It said the cache was discovered by Marines with the 101st Airborne Division, which was following up behind the Army after it seized Baghdad's international airport.

    Officers from the 101st Division were unable to confirm the report and U.S. Central Command headquarters in Qatar had no immediate comment.

    The United States and Britain launched the war against Iraq to rid the country of weapons of mass destruction Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ( news - web sites ) denies having.

    U.N. weapons inspectors returned to Iraq after a four-year absence in November to look for banned chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

    Inspectors had not found any such weapons when their search abruptly ended when U.S.-led troops attacked Iraq on March 20.

    On Saturday, a U.S. officer said first tests of a suspicious white powder and liquid found on Friday in thousands of boxes south of Baghdad indicated it was not a chemical weapon.

    Over the weekend, U.S. Marines in the central Iraqi town of Aziziyah began digging up a suspected chemical weapons hiding place at a girl's school.

    "We have always expected that this regime has chemical weapons and also possesses the will and means to use it," Brooks told a news conference at Central Command.

    He said the U.S.-led forces' advance inside the country had removed some of the means and its blizzard of leaflets and messages warning Iraqi commanders not to use weapons of mass destruction had removed much of the will.

    There had also been strikes early on in the campaign, he added, against Iraqi missile capabilities -- such as al Samouds -- which could have delivered chemical or even biological weapons into neighboring countries.

    "That work continues but there's also still capability," he said. "While it hasn't been found we're reminded that because we haven't found it it's still there. That's the approach we take."



  • dubla

    iraq doesnt have any wmd, and if this discovery is confirmed it just proves that the u.s. has planted evidence to support its case against the regime. its all lies and propaganda....everyone knows saddam wouldnt hurt a flea.


  • Simon

    It would be good if they do find them as I think it will make the aftermath and fallout of the war a little easier. However, I will always be skeptical because of the sheer number of times I've heard these "we've got proof" stories which so far have always turned out to be nothing of the sort.

  • foreword

    They will find WMD, that's for sure, planted or not planted.

    And yes Saddam is one sick puppy, all of his bunch also. And they should be terminated or taken out of harms way.

    The Bush gang are as sick as Saddam's. No doubt about that. Just look at their country. They have nothing to brag about. The US sees as much tyranny, torture, racism and exploitation of the weak as the Iraquis do, it's just better organized and manipulated so the people don't see it. Just because you have more money and access to more gadgets than the Iraquis do doesn't prove that you're perfect or don't have hidden agendas.

    Get real. I think with little research I could come up with some stuff that proves they have. I just have to watch programs like Dateline, Discovery, 60 minutes, ect that shows that even in the US atrocities happen and to a lot more people. Or are you gonna say that these news reporters are spreading propaganda that is not true.

    But one thing I find intringuing, where are all the prisoners Saddam was holding and torturing and experimenting on. Did they free them just when the war started. Where are those victims that they haven't found yet? I mean if they are right about Saddam, then there must be quite a few facilties where this happened, with mutilated bodies, people still alive, burnt, dismembered, ect You say they found one site, but the remains were old and from a not so distant war they had with Iran. Yeah so what, aren't the US torturing civilians right now cause of war? Don't try to twist it around to make it look like if the US is not doing it either. War is war, right?

    I hate the likes of Saddam, and I hate the likes of Bush also. They are all mentally unstable individuals who have grown up in very dysfunctional family units, where money and power were the only important things in life. And they are more fucked up than you and me.

    The US are really hurting themselves right now, pretty soon no one will want to see your face, and you'll be confined to your own over populated country which is rotting from the inside.

    Pretty sad I'll say,

  • Gopher


    Yes life IS terrible here in the USA. Just awful. Get me out of here.

    Where should I go?

  • Realist

    if the iraqi officials are stupid enough to give the US a legitimization for this rediculous war by keeping WMD for absolutely no purpose (since they obviously are not using them...just storing them) than they deserve to get destroyed.

  • foreword

    Well from the way things are shaping up around the world, I don't think they'll want you anyway. So to answer you question....not very far.

    Your freedom has already been taken away from you, you fear to travel in your own country, your news agencies are controlled by the state. Will your masters be able to keep providing you with the lifestyle you claim is synonymous with freedom. Only time will tell.

  • SloBoy

    "U.S. tyranny is just better organized and manipulated..."....well said foreward.

  • Yizuman
    "U.S. tyranny is just better organized and manipulated..."....well said foreward.

    In that case, if people think like that, why aren't people leaving the USA in droves? You won't find any simply because they KNOW what good they got in this country compare to other countries. Maybe a few will leave, but not everyone. Yizuman

  • heathen

    LMAO--@ foreword and slowboy. They are just totally anal about the most superficial stuff in this country .Tyranny with a fake sense of duty and compassion. I guess it's better than total disregard .

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