"Jehovah Has ALWAYS Had An Organization"

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  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    What's up Gumby? Do I know something you don't? Well of course! Each one of us have our own knowledge base: deep, shallow, nothing, and spookey!


    NO BS. Just been following the FDS thought pattern and reviewing history. It stands to reason-----something is up.--so to speak! No doublespeak or psychobabble( I'll bet the WTBTS loves that word) Any elders listening?. Just plotting a chart or graph as in any experiment. With mankind there are many variables. Each day is a NEW day with surprizes for all.

    I stand by what was said in my letter posted a month or so ago. I do KNOW that the "power elite" are keeping track and from time to time view this web site (and others)--of course no one person will admit it-- and I can GUARANTEE you that feathers are being ruffled and soon to be plucked! Everything takes time and everything has a certain methodology. Time will tell!

    I can't really post a lot on this forum as I have a business to run and a life (once again) and of course a family and everything else that goes along with it. So all of you fine people have a good time and keep the light on and people THINKING and ASKING QUESTIONS.

    Mr. Kim

  • gumby

    Thanks MR. Kim,

    I look forward to see what more you have.

    BTW, I'm glad you "have a life again"........takes a while.....but it does happen.


  • TheOldHippie

    I guess I am with Stafford, minimus - trying to separate theology from organizational legalism. Doing a lot of balancing work and walking on a tight rope, having started out from one point/pole but because of fog ahead not yet seeing the other end or pole. I could write 1,000 lines, but to make it short, these 3 are all I have for now.

  • topanga

    i had this same type of dicussion on my study, we were talking about king david gods annointed over isreal his chosen people as he named them (not calling them jws)

    my teacher kept saying i will be safe in gods organization and i said like those people gods angel killed , wiped out by streatching his hand out killing innocent women , men , children because of something david did? he laid them out like they were nothing to him.

    Anyhow in the end didnt jesus say he would not be found in temples and we would not need to be be taught by anyone that true followers know the way by nature?

  • minimus

    Mr. Kim, What's the deal with the Z in surprizes??? Is that code or something? Sure, something BIG's gonna happen in 2 yrs. And you know what it is, huh? Well, please share a hunch or 2.

  • NeonMadman
    Sure, something BIG's gonna happen in 2 yrs. And you know what it is, huh? Well, please share a hunch or 2.

    Why, Minimus - don't you know that Armageddon is coming in 2005?

    Check out this thread.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim


    Got a phone call from a friend of mine. And thought I should clarify a few things.

    I really wish I could spend as much time on the computer as some of you surely do. But, not being mean or anything, I gotta work for a living and my business takes a lot of time dealing with the public, managing nine employees and staying up on the endless paperwork, etc., etc, etc.................

    Hopefully IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE, I can devote more time to this electronic keyboard. Going out on service knocking on doors was a lot easier!

    Many problems and rumors are started by reading more than what was said into a paragraph or two in this forum or any other web site. Be very careful about this. Remember: nothing more or nothing less should be speculated and as a matter of fact, it is not wise to speculate at all. For what it is worth: WATCH, LOOK, LISTEN, AND LEARN.

    The truth can set you free. You just need to learn how to read and understand it.

    That is what is wrong with many JWs.-- Past, present and the coming future.

    Again, TIME will tell. Not everything can be given to everyones that asks for the details as everything will workout in the way it should! But that decision is not ous to make.

    Till later Mr. KIM

  • minimus

    Mr. Kim, You sound like a sage. Until later, if wisdom is defined under the fig tree. Never read into our statements for then the wicked shall have their day and one's home will be filled with jackals and panda bears. This is so true.

  • gumby

    I really wish I could spend as much time on the computer as some of you surely do. But, not being mean or anything, I gotta work for a living

    Igot news for you bud. I work my ass off 5 days a week and many times 6. I work for a living too and so do most here.


  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    I'm taking a few days off from work so I hopefully will be on here more often but then there is fishing and Turkey Season starting this weekend! Gotta get ready to go! Oh, yes, I hunt and fish and if anyone doesen't like it, tuff! Anyone else out there in computer world like to hunt and/or fish? (will be interesting to see the response to this question). Don't worry, I (we) have God's permission!


    Hello Gumby. Now be cool. No offense was ment and none should be taken. You know this. "Don't be caught up in taking something personal." This can and has been the downfall of many people.--including myself in a situation or two. So, if it helps, I apologize to you and all. OK?

    There are other matters much more important than personal fighting and the like.

    As you know it is very frustrating and a grand task to say something without offending someone. I simply season what I say (sometimes) but for the most part I tell it the way I see it as it affects and Effects ME. This is how life is. If we as people are so wraped up with everyone else all the time (the Truth) we never get a chance to grow and really screw things up! With my "job" I have to deal with the real headaches and the pain in the @ss problems and at times, the brain is scrambled and looking for a way out.

    Anyways, anything interesting going on in your neck of the woods?

    Mr. KIM

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