Had Enough - Really Going This Time

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  • gumby


    Making announcement that you are leaving is unneccessary. I agree the place isnt a quarter as interesting as it used to be. But perhaps that is just us, having been here a long while we are jaded. But I still look here. there are people I genuinely feel drawn towards, and those people I talk to. There are threads I feel the impulse to post in. These may only occur twice a day. or even twice a week. What I am saying is, it isnt neccessary to draw a hard line and say youre leaving, just take a peek every now and then, post if you feel like it.

    My thoughts too.

    It's only seconds away on a computor to come here for a bit.....why does it always sound as though it's a distant travel from the one leaving?

    I'll miss you as I liked what you had to say.

    Take care,


  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    What are forums such as this supposed to be about anyhow? How long can any one person stay around the same place before it might not starting "stinking",eh. I just don't get it when I read about how things just aren't the same. I thought life was about change, especially the changes any of us make when leaving the WTBTS. Sometimes it seems as though a newbie might not be turned off just by someone saying how dull and boring things are around here...I thought it was about encourgement and of course a lot of rehashing so the newbie can become familiar. Oh well. If people look at this forum as "entertainment only" then there is much lacking.

    I appreciate everyone who takes the time to post. I've learned more about JW's from these type forums then anywhere. Well, I wasn't actually looking to stick around when doing research for someone else, but ya know...everyone of you matter a great deal. So when this place isn't hopping with excitement go find something else to do and check back later. Or get on with gettin' on and stop whining. Geeezzzz.



    Hey even I take a little break now and again, not only from this forum, but various sites and forums on-line.

    Sometimes, simply taking a break, is all that is necessary.

    I have left for a few days at a time; wasn't necessary to make a forum announcement. I have told a few that I know via e-mail/pvt. msg that I'm taking a break, but that's all. A break.

    I have been on forums that were so stiff and un-fun, that they didn't take long to get bogged down in sameness.

    This forum, sure it has its ups and downs, but it's overall, a great place to come to.

    Stephanus, I have enjoyed your posts. Hope a break will rejuvenate your interests in the forum.

  • dedalus
    Making announcement that you are leaving is unneccessary.

    I ditto too.


  • Robdar


    I am going to miss you and your great sense of humor but understand completely why you feel a need to go. It seems that we are losing good people everyday. Not all of them are posting their farewells, but I have received several private messages and emails telling me goodbye.

    Please, do not be a stranger and keep my email addy.

    Love ya,


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Steph, as your well aware, life has its ups and downs. Tell me, what can YOU do to uplift the board if YOU find it Boring?

    Guest 77

  • Dansk


    I KNOW things aren't good at the moment - and even your beloved cat got sick. Please reconsider when you're feeling better. Just when the campaign gets started as well, we NEED everyone's support and there's no doubt you're a great asset. Let's get the so and so's for all the pain they've inflicted - and for stopping you posting the KM's.

    Come on, Steph, it's bash 'em time!



    Hey folks, if you haven't read this thread yet, then this may explain a few things.

    Be gentle with Stephanus. Read this thread, and you'll understand a bit better.

    Thanks! http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/49711/1.ashx

  • Stephanus

    Thanks Rayzor and Dansk - you've figured out the code. I wrote the above post this morning as I was waiting to take my cat to the vet, and realising I probably wasn't going to bring him back. As it turns out, we have brought him back, albeit in a body bag. It was really important to Robert that we give him a decent burial at home. So the funeral is tomorrow morning before school.

    Apologies to those who thought I was attacking them or this board in some way; it really was a "I don't want to bury another family member" post.

    Don't worry Robyn and Utopian; I'll be back in a few days when I'm feeling better about all this... Thanks again for your kind words!

  • Dansk

    Bless you, Stephanus - and love to Robert and the rest of the family, too. We're thinking of you all!

    From one big family of animal lovers to another,

    Dansk & Family

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