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  • outnfree
    WELCOME!!!!! You'll like it here. We're fun.

    LOL - Yes, we are!

    Welcome, Mystery!


  • BadJerry

    Hello and

    from Imanaliento logging on to hubby's ID because I can't log on yet.

    to add: since we did nothing scripturaly wrong, this shunning crap is another Pharasaic law put out by the WTS,

  • Swan

    Welcome Deborah!

    Its no "Mystery" why you are here. I hope you find the healing and support you seek.


  • dmouse

    Just a quick hi to welcome you to the board!

    I don't think it's just people that have never been JWs, I think JWs themselves can't understand why ex's can't just let go and disappear (which would be convenient for them!).

    I guess it's something that only ex jws will ever understand, and that's what binds us together.

  • Mystery

    I want to thank everyone for welcoming me. I am sure that alot of my questions, doubts and feeling alone will be worked out.

    I am really glad i found you guys.

    My son has a soccer tournament this weekend so I won't be on much. My husband thinks it is great that i found this site, as long as i don't become obsessed with it and will give him a little of my free time. I have a tendency to go overboard on things.

    Look forward to hearing "mysteries" answered for me.


  • Jesika

    Welcome to the board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is a little hard at first not to become obsessed with the board at first, but I am sure you will find a nice balance .

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!!!


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


  • JamesThomas
  • DanTheMan
    2)everyone dying but "us"

    Yup, that one got to me too. I remember going on a study with an elder. The guy we were studying with was a young 20 something, didn't read well, bongs & donut boxes on the coffee table, etc. Well, the study didn't last long. I remember wanting to say to the elder, "so I guess he's gonna get whacked at Armageddon, huh?" but of course you don't say things like that.

    Welcome to the board!

  • nowisee

    hi, mystery,

    i've been here about a month - at first here every possible opportunity....i am settling down a bit, but i expect to see your name here a lot .....at least for a while...

    our stories are similar in many ways... i too am married to a wonderful man who was never jw, who also finds it hard to understand why after 27 years that life experience seems to follow me around...

    ah, but this forum is very cathartic...wonderful to talk to people who know where you're coming from...

    hope it is as great an experience for you as it has been for me.



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