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  • Mystery

    First I want to thank Robyn for answering my email regarding the forum. I was having (technical) problems becomeing a member. Someone on "Meet-up" posted the site and I have not been able to stop logging on to it. Others do not understand why a X-JW can not just throw the religion behind them. My husband, who Jehovah or God or some other more powerful being allowed me to find has become my saving grace, I try to explain it to him but he can not understand why I can't just let go. I was raised a JW. Told eveyone in my 3rd grade class that if they opened their Christmas presents that Jehovah wasn't going to love them any more. (Thank God they didn't know who Jehovah was!!!) Baptised at 13. Began studies with others at 13. My service hours during the summer months were those of a pioneer. My father was an elder. I was DF'ed at 17 for sex. Reinstated. Graduated and begin fading (that is a whole story in itself). Problems: 1) shunning 2)everyone dying but "us" 3) if we were so right in our beliefs why couldn't/wouldn't others see it 4)set opinions even after being reinstated (never forgiving or forgetting) 5)elders making accusations with no proof - certainly not with 2 eye witnesses!!! 6)shunning you when your not df's 7)research (Russell & the pymraids +) and about 100 other things. Deborah

  • Realist

    hello and welcome!!!!!!

    great that you got out!!!!!!!


    elders making accusations with no proof - certainly not with 2 eye witnesses!!!

    i think this rule only applies to older man right? everybody else can be trashed without any proof.

  • blondie

    Welcome, mystery.

    Actually the elders can trash each other without proof in the confines of the elders meetings. It is called "freeness of speech."

    6)shunning you when your not df's

    I personally have experienced that many times over the years. Then when I follow Matthew 18 and ask what it is I have done, they refuse to tell me. Hmmm?

    Look forward to more posts.


  • Shakita

    Welcome to the forum.

    Someone on "Meet-up" posted the site and I have not been able to stop logging on to it.

    So you have been lurking awhile? So did I. Glad to see you finally figured out how to join. Hope you enjoy your stay.

    All the reasons you gave are the ones that jolted me back to reality. You are proof that the WT is losing its best and brightest young people from its rank and file at an increasing rate. I sure would like to see the figures on this. Take care.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Robdar

    Hi Mystery!

    I am glad that you were able to work out the technical problems and log in. Welcome to the forum. I hope that you find friendship and healing here. Keep my email addy and write sometimes, okay? I am going to try to respond further to your email you sent last night. We have much in common.



  • calamityjane

    Good morning Deborah, and welcome.

    Nice to have you here.

    Obviously your husband was never a jw and yes it is hard for those that have never grown up in the religion to see what we had to go through, and understand our feelings. My husband and I have friends that don't understand and when we get into discussions with them, especially the wife, she tries to see the good things in the jw org, saying that its like all religions. We've had to tell them point blankly that it is not the same as any religion, especially the shunning aspect of it. Needless to say, we stay off the religion aspect with them, because they actually get offended that we have such a dislike (abhorrance, loathing, etc.) for the bOrg. and what it has done to our family, torn it apart.

    You can begin your healing process here, glad to have another newbie.


  • gumby
    First I want to thank Robyn for answering my email regarding the forum

    Welcome Deb,

    First of all I need to warn you about Robyns severe mental problem. She befriends people ....then she turns into Charles Manson and she stalks you.............................................( not really )

    So nice to have you with us and to hear your story. I also was zealous in "the truth" as you were....only to find out after 40 years it was in vain. You will learn enough here to quench any lingering doubts you might have.

    Talk at ya later


  • anglise

    Welcome aboard Deborah.

    I am sure you will find posting on here helps.

    There are also some who post here who have never been dubs and they might be able to give your husband some info from that perspective.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.


  • cruzanheart

    WELCOME!!!!! You'll like it here. We're fun.


  • NaruNaruChan

    Welcome to the Forum Mystery! ^_^ You'll find a lot of good info on this site, as I'm sure you already know.

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