Things You Still Agree With The JWs On

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  • lastmanstanding

    I agree with Watchtower that religious bodies should partner with the United Nations. I also agree with Watchtower that the Awake should regularly contain articles “favorable to the United Nations and its objectives and programs “ And I agree with Watchtower that we should “agree to the Charter of the United Nations”.

    But I also agree with Watchtower that the truth of the situation should be kept from the rank and file members

    But but, I disagree with Watchtower that there should be two witnesses whenever a child is sexually abused, because that’s hard on the witnesses, they would get PTSD

  • WTWizard

    I do agree that smoking and using drugs is wrong. However, I now view it as stupidity and not specifically evil. I also realize that Christmas pre-dated jesus krayst, and was originally a festival to worship the sun (which is, in fact, the true Christ). However, I believe that worshiping the sun (which gives the whole planet life, and is in fact the Savior of the whole solar system, both from darkness and cold, and from stellar winds that could carry harmful cosmic rays) is just fine and proper.

  • jws

    When I first came out of the JWs, I disregarded everything to do with them specifically (1914, chosen by Jesus, etc.) and was determined I could believe in the bible and god. And at first, generally accepted their core doctrines until I discovered otherwise.

    I dabbled with other churches. Trinity was a big thing many seemed to agree on, but I still couldn't see it. Determined, who cares. Both sides say Jesus is Lord, so let's just go with that.

    Still don't believe in hell. Heaven or a paradise earth? I didn't know. I just said that if there's a reward, either I qualify or don't. I think I'm more moral than average over the centuries. If that isn't enough to get the reward, then I'll just die and be done with it.

    But now I don't believe any of it. Trinity? God and Son different? Neither. Made up stories. There *may* have been a prophet named Jesus. But that didn't mean he performed miracles or healed the sick and raised the dead.

    I guess, like the JWs, I still don't believe there's a hell.

  • flipper


    Sorry, just woke up, what was the title of the thread ? Oh, O.K. I'll go back to sleep , nothing to see here . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . As you can figure I don't agree with much of anything they say. Everything they teach is either fantasy, illusion, or enriches the WT organization's business plan. That's the angle that is used.

    I can learn good morals & ethics from just having common sense . Or watching Trump. No- scratch that last sentence. lol

  • Lostwun

    haha I totally agree flip. back to nap time for me as well zzzzz nothing to see here lol

  • Giordano

    The Society is in the control business. They have hand crafted their rules to get the most control of their followers.

    I do not agree with using people in any harmful manner, being reckless with their health and education nor condemning people because their adult sexual interests are not the 'norm'.

    I do believe that criminal actions need to be punished....not forgiven or hidden because it may make the corporation be it a religion or secular...... look bad.

  • joe134cd

    Not celebrating Christmas - it's just an extra pain in the ass I can't be bothered with. I think for many Christmas is something they could do with out.

  • cofty

    No not one single thing.

    Why so many anti-military comments? Thank the military that you still have freedom that millions of others have not enjoyed. Of course war should always be a last resort but pacifism is moral cowardice.

  • stillin

    On the "maybe" side. Maybe there's a higher power that intends to make big improvements on this planet. God knows we could use them!

  • lemonjuice

    That you should love your enemies as yourself so please don't greet them when they're dfd.

    Don't judge others so please have judicial committees and mark others when necessary.

    Mind your own business so please use social gatherings and questions to hypocritically know as much as possible about the congregation members.

    Jesus is the head of the congregation so ignore his advice regarding secular work like running the extra mile and listen always to the GB about working less.

    Discourage higher education even though the founder of the Christian congregation JC had more scientific knowledge then anyone else because you may be in competition with him.

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