Selena Vertolomo "The Mower" and her sister Sherrie call into The Six Screens TIME STAMP 2:53

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  • Vanderhoven7

    What I did not get from either sister was what exactly they are accusing Tony Morris of. He is directly and personally responsible for what? ignoring CSA??? promoting CSA??? participating in CSA??? covering up CSA??? all of the above???

    Was anything made clear to you?

  • Teddnzo

    There are so many questions at this stage

    I tried listening to six screens but they never really said anything it was just a lot of noise

    its amazing how some people can talk for so long without ever saying anything

    I wish they could be succinct and actually say what they are accusing Tony of.

  • Teddnzo

    At 3:41 one caller says something about one of the sisters who claims to have been abused by Tony or his friends has written a book? Did I understand that correctly? If so what book?

    she also said the two sisters accusing Tony were invited to appear on a podcast straight after the six teens show called Watchtower after dark. Did they do this podcast and were they more succinct in that they actually said anything this time?

    There are so many unanswered questions regarding this. I’d be very grateful if someone could give their best guesses to these questions-

    1. Did she accuse Tony of being involved with the abuse or just covering it up? She did say he was responsible for it, so is he involved himself? If he is only being accused of covering it up then surely all Governing body members are also?

    2. She said The state of Pennsylvania investigation is taking too long, is it possible that the Borg can throw enough money at the problem that they can make it go away?

    3. what happens next? Is there anyway the Borg can sweep this one under the carpet and move on? I just can’t see it this time

  • Foolednomore

    Rick does a fine job!

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