What sort of Dog would you be?.......Take da test!

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  • qwerty

    you're a St. Bernard!

    No bones about it, you're a dedicated, trustworthy St. Bernard. Loyal and good-hearted, you're as reliable as they come. Your naturally protective personality is reflected in the way you treat people close to you. Keep reading for more about your puppy personality...

  • blackout

    blackout, you're a Cocker Spaniel!

    No bones about it, you're a perky, loving Cocker Spaniel. (Think Lady from Lady and the Tramp.) Playful and energetic, you're a real people person — er, dog. People can't help but fall hook, line, and sinker for your friendly, well-rounded personality and natural charm. It's a subtle thing, though — being outgoing and flirtatious, not showy, is the name of your game. Friends, co-workers, and potential dates can't help liking you. How could they not? Your winning-yet-humble ways make you popular, admired, and a joy to be around. Woof!

    awww shucks!!

  • Matty

    Hey blackout! I'm a Cocker Spaniel too, how about that!

  • Dansk

    This thread's gone to the dogs

  • moreisbetter

    Scottish Terrier

    No bones about it, you're an adventurous Scottish Terrier. Fearless, feisty, and always up for a challenge, you like having things your way. Some people might even label you stubborn or headstrong. But we know you're just ambitious and motivated. (Being misinterpreted is such a trial, isn't it?) Besides, your can-do attitude serves you well when facing challenges at work or in your personal life. No job is too big, and absolutely no obstacle is going to stand in your way. You're always ready, willing, and able to rise to the challenge. A loyal, caring friend, you choose your pals very carefully, then stick by them through thick and thin. Woof!

    Cute, fun, but not only a little bit right!. I do like the little dogs though.

  • obiwan

    Good grief, I'm a St.Bernard!

  • WantTheTruth

    I'm a Golden Retriever!

    No bones about it, you're a popular, fun-loving Golden Retriever. Adored by all and too cool for school, you're extroverted and enthusiastic. Your magnetic personality makes you the life of any bash. Keep reading for more about your puppy personality...

    Not sure if this is quite me... but I did answer all the questions truthfully!


  • xjw_b12


    No bones about it, you're an energetic, devoted Chihuahua.

    For your breed, size definitely doesn't matter. After all, sometimes the best things (diamonds, car keys, Godiva truffles) come in small packages.

    Honest and straightforward, you're never afraid to speak up for what you believe in, especially if it's a cause near and dear to your heart.

    Having such a passionate personality can come with a few drawbacks, though. You can be moody at times, and people often find it hard to live up to your high standards.

    But once you make a friend, it's for life. Saucy and intense, your energy and unfailing loyalty make you a great companion. Woof!

    For your breed, size definitely doesn't matter.

    Good Now I can go back and post on that Viagra thread ! ......right after I come back from Taco Bell.

  • Valis

    eh...I'm cheating..I would be an Akita or a Rhodesian ridgeback..both ferocious....Akitas were used to hunt bears and ridgebacks are African hunting dog used for lion hunts..woof!


    District Overbeer

  • calamityjane


    Me too, I guess that's why xjw & I are together, we are the same breed.

    and size doesn't make a difference, hmmm

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