What sort of Dog would you be?.......Take da test!

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  • Aztec

    I'm a chihuahua..LOL ~Aztec

  • SheilaM
    A golden retriever. I love them it's a shame people are not like them this world would be a better place.

    Life with Czar Niccoli the Golden Retriever (true stories not for the faint of heart)

    Thunder and I saw both of Nics parents full blooded papered Golden's lineage perfect they were normal size Nic fit in my floor board on the way home. Three years this April he is now the size of a small shetlan pony HUGE paws.

    He retrieves EVERYTHING if he can't find anything he has ripped the top of the outside lights he will steal my gardening tools and my gloves. Once Thunder walked out and found him ripping shingles off the back of the house Thunder spanked him and threw the shingle in anger Nic fetched it back tongue lolling.

    He jumps like a gazelle and climbs a chainlink fence like a small child he has eaten my neighbors phone and her walking shoes. He also loves to swim and tries to get in the Koi pond like he did when he was a puppy except now he is THE SAME SIZE as my Koi pond.

    SO to your comment Yes the world would be a better place Nic has a heart of Gold and is dumber than a rock in many ways but is smarter than your average bear in others his one problem is that he doesn't realize how big he is LOL Also my Cairn Terrier has taught him to whine like a sissy dog LOL Nic is a hoot and keeps us either laughing or wanting to ring his lovely neck.

  • qwerty

    Golden Retrievers.......One of my favourite type Doggies!



  • shera

    you're a St. Bernard!

    Golden retrievers are my favorites.

  • Jennie

    Jennie, you're a Chihuahua!

    No bones about it, you're an energetic, devoted Chihuahua. For your breed, size definitely doesn't matter. After all, sometimes the best things (diamonds, car keys, Godiva truffles) come in small packages. Keep reading for more about your puppy personality...


    RAYZORBLADE, you're an Irish Setter!

    No bones about it, you're a devil-may-care Irish Setter. Fun-loving and light-hearted, life is an adventure for you — an attitude your nearest and dearest find refreshing and inspiring.

    This is too funny!

  • Trauma_Hound

    Pit Bull

    No bones about it, you're a commanding Pit Bull with a bite as big as your bark. Authoritative and aggressive, the power position is the only one for you — and you never have trouble making that crystal clear. A bit quick-tempered, you can be a little intimidating — though you hardly ever attack unprovoked. Taken aback by our insight? Don't despair! You have several redeeming qualities. Very low-maintenance, you're not one to fall victim to superficiality. You say it like it is and don't waste time playing head games. Just make sure to keep your scowl and growl in check so people can get close enough to notice and appreciate your positive side. Woof!

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