This morning's magazine trolley encounter..

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  • wozza
    Wonderfully presented but I hope it was'nt done with a bad spirit toward them.
  • LisaRose

    I understand your feelings tornapart, but you have to realize these women are not innocent in all this. They are choosing to publicly support a religion that they don't really know anything about, one that hurts people in a very real and serious way. Their feelings were hurt for a few minutes, but they have a choice now, stay and support this cancer of a religion or leave and free themselves and not risk dragging other innocent people into it.

  • zebulon


    Sometimes, the truth hurts!


  • OneEyedJoe
    tornapart - Yes it hurts to learn TTATT. But the JW religion is like a splinter. The longer you wait to cut it out, the more painful taking it out is...if the splinter has been there for long it will surely be infected, swollen and extremely sensitive. But everyone knows that the short-term pain is worthwhile to not have to live your life with a dull ache in your thumb in perpetuity. Soon the memory of the pain will fade and you'll be able to live your life free and on your own terms.
  • GodZoo

    I assure you there was no malice at all.. I was very polite, courteous but just real, honest, truthful and direct. For that I do not apologise.

    It was not my intention to hurt or offend either.. it’s maybe the first time since waking up myself and leaving that I am able to even approach witnesses and ask such direct and sincere questions without fear of being labelled an apostate demon by them or feeling guilty myself for questioning anything.

    That’s what I mean when I said it ‘felt good’. It feels good to be free.

    Don’t forget that my life too has been severely damaged and wasted in this religion of deception and lies, whole areas of my personality possibly ruined by the ideas and concepts planted in my being.. years of my own existence were held captive prisoner by this very same brainwashing and insane falsehoods and fear mongering that they continue to propagate to the unsuspecting and vulnerable.

    This religious is dangerous, it destroys countless lives.. and these pioneers are the foot soldiers of this deceit. How can I ever be wrong for bringing to their attention what it is that they are doing?

    Is one obligated to have regard for the feeling of one's abusers?

    Even so I was not out to hurt their feelings.. my intention was to confront and challenge their cult thinking, behaviour, actions, and choices partly for theirs, and perhaps more importantly my own benefit.

  • tornapart

    Yes, I do know what you mean. When I first learnt TTATT I offloaded onto my mother. She just wasn't really ready for it.probably never would have been. Now she's gone and all I remember is the hurt she felt for me, thinking I was going to lose my eternal life! I meant no malice toward her, I just wanted her know what a corrupt, hypocritical and poisonous religion it was but to her it was her life. I try and be very careful now about 'bursting their bubble'. For some people it works but I've come to realise the ones it happens to are those who are ready and open for it or who have something happen to them that makes them ready for it.

    Maybe those ladies will go back and think about what you said with open minds. I really hope they do.

  • GodZoo
    I think everything I asked them and said affected them deeply but not because I said it.. but maybe because they know very well about all these very troubling things already. The experience of having a complete non-witness stranger approach them and spell it all out so clearly perhaps made them aware that this information previously so well hidden by the organisation is becoming common knowledge and that the cat is really out of the bag.
  • Dunedain

    Godzoo, well done, and all you did, was simply ask a few questions, and make a few statements. Which, btw, they never answered.

    Maybe there should be a thread started, about all the exact points you brought up, but for ALL OF US, to ask the trolley cart witnesses.

    What if we were to organize, all of us here that have trolley carts in their area, to simply go up to the Bros or Sis's and ask these questions? There are board members here from all over the world. If we organized to do this, say within a 4 week time period, i guarantee THOUSANDS would here it. I can also guarantee that "word" would get back to the "higher ups", and it would SCARE THE CRAP outta them, and by it being all over the world, it would really scare them. Especially NOW, when they are at a critical time.

    In the past we really couldnt reach these people and give OUR message of the TTATT. NOW, with them doing the cart witnessing, WE CAN reach them. They are just standing there, waiting to be spoken too. If we made a thread here to organize a concerted, 4 week effort, to do this, when word got back to the GB, they would see the error in their ways.

  • mrquik
    Never miss an opportunity to reverse witness. I use the " I'm familiar with you religion & have just a couple of questions..." I never leave them on the defensive rather I want to get them to think. I know the odds are low but it just makes me feel good to redeem myself from all the crap I tried to shove down every else's throat for 50 yrs.
  • Quarterback

    Well, let's really look into the fleecing of the KH's. I couldn't rightly call it that in what I experienced. In our city our mortgages were up the wazoo. We had a new KH and mortgaged to the tone of 1.5 million. It took four cong's finance it. Another KH reno that was 1/2 a million. That disappeared and we started paying less for use of our KH's I really don't care who owns those Bldg's Eventually those Bldg's will be confiscated.

    The Royal Commission finally woke up every body, Catholic's, Prostetants, YMCjust . etc about not trusting your children under the care of anyone you don't really know. The JW's should admit that they have a lot to learn about that mistake.

    Millions now Living will never die. So the Judge was wrong on that one, eh. At least he wasn't blessing the Arm's that other Religious Leaders were doing during the two major wars.

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