Why do girls have a hymen?

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  • eyeuse2badub

    I don't know about the hymen but have always wondered why men have foreskin. More importantly, why did jehober want the foreskin cut off? It's kind of a sick ritual--right?

    just saying!


  • Bonsai

    What's a hymen? Is that something you sing to?

  • Rattigan350

    The differences in the sexes is a reason for not believing in evolution. Why would it need to evolve like that?

    Creation makes more sense.

    What does not make sense is that ovulation is involuntary, when it should be a voluntary action. Get pregnant only when you want to. No abortions, no overpopulation. But then people can have sex all they want, but then so what of it?

  • sowhatnow


    lol, circumcision , was only done by a bunch of nut job jewish religious men, because apparently, having a special sort of tatoo or color clothing, or a long beard, that was visible to identify you as a jew was not enough,lol

    because you know, when you need to prove you belong to a god, you have to pull down your pants.

    [just like there are nut job people now who do it to innocent little girls who often bleed to death,so they do not want to have sex, and are maimed for lie, and still get away with it.]

    sick alright.

    Id say a hymen its just a film of skin over a space, lol, isnt there a film of skin over the eyes and nose of an embryo? they all break when needed ,lol.

    I dont know, I cant fall for creation from god either, because, for one, IF a god who claimed to be perfect, created humans, then why oh why, would he place fragile arteries so close to the outside of the body, so we can get cut and bleed to death? or , why would our skin be so thin? or the arteries be so fragile?

    seriously, why don't women have two extra eyes in the back of their head? and two extra arms? we need them ,lol

    humans are to me, fragile. animals can kill us way easier if they want. a mosquito can bite us and give us a disease that kills us.

    and, why make certain animals more powerful?

    why make a gorilla so powerful, if all they eat is vegetation?

    who is their enemy that they need to be so powerful? does another animal eat gorillas? lol

    they can be fast, to get away, or crafty, to get away, but no, they are strong.

    strong enough to kill a human and other animals if they want.

    why create animals that need to eat other animals? why create mice to have so many offspring so often? and then roaches? whats up with that? they can survive just about anything, lol.

    and so we can only have the elephant, have one baby every how many years?

    where is the balance?

  • ttdtt
    eyeuse2badub its ok to mutilate the flesh of a mans dick, but DONT get a tattoo!!!!! god will smite you!
  • Quarterback
    Wow this sure is thought provoking subject to discuss at the end of 2015,
  • cofty
    The differences in the sexes is a reason for not believing in evolution. Why would it need to evolve like that? - Rattigan

    How much time and effort have you put into finding an answer to your question?

    If you are wondering about the evolution of sexes that has even been covered in this forum in some depth. I know because I posted it. If it is the hymen that makes you doubt evolution why didn't you bother to read the answer above?

    It is part of the embryological development of the genitals in many mammals but disappears before birth. In a similar way our fingers and toes are webbed during the early stage of our embryology and the skin is usually removed during later development in the womb. A few people are born with the webbing still intact.

    An important feature of Homo sapiens is neoteny. In other words our development is stunted, we retain juvenile features into adulthood - compare a juvenile chimp with a infant human!

    Evolution is a fact. Get over it. Every living thing, including humans, evolved from a common ancestor over millions of years. If you don't know that to be true then you need to invest the effort to learn. In the age of information ignorance is a choice.

    Once you get evolution then you can decide whether or not that impacts on your other beliefs about the world. Reality takes priority.

  • Tenacious

    Cofty, is there some particular reason for your hostility to someone's opinion? So suddenly you are the board expert on evolution and anyone who contests it is wrong? When were you published? In what academic journal can I find it so I can learn more about evolution?

    Why the need to be condescending with people who wish to engage in a friendly discussion?

    Professor Cofty, where did the first living cell come from? How did it originate?
  • nicolaou

    So instead of addressing the valid points that Cofty raised you're just going to attack his style Tenacious? C'mon.

    Nobody has to accept anything Cofty or any other poster says - you could put forth the effort to refute him.

    Go on, I double dare ya!

  • OneEyedJoe
    Why the need to be condescending with people who wish to engage in a friendly discussion?

    As he said, in this day and age, ignorance is a choice. Ignorance is not something that deserves respect. It's one thing to be ignorant privately but to go proclaiming something as a reason to doubt evolution after doing absolutely no investigation (the lack of investigation is apparent because there is plenty of readily available information explaining why the differences in the sexes is in no way a problem for evolution) is inexcusable.

    Professor Cofty, where did the first living cell come from? How did it originate?

    This is one of the watchtower's favorite tricks - conflating abiogenesis and evolution. Evolution makes no claims about the origin of the first living cell (and if you'll look at Cofty's post, you'll see that he did not either). Again, though, if you'd bother to do a little investigation on your own you'd find that there are several different plausible explanations for this that are backed up by observable evidence. Certainly more convincing than the observable evidence for the claim "god did it."

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