Why do girls have a hymen?

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  • JWchange

    If you believe Humans evolved, and were not created, why would having a hymen help, especially as no other mammal has one?

    If you believe Humans were created by {a} God, or intelligent beings with advanced technology, what was the reason for a hymen?

    I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this unusual subject, not many people talk about.

  • OneEyedJack

    Where do you get this no other mammal has one from?Some animals also have hymens, such as the platypus, elephants, whales, llamas, sea cows, moles, chimpanzees, rats and lemurs.

    Does this help some, knowing that we aren't all that different from the animals?


  • cofty

    It is part of the embryological development of the genitals in many mammals but disappears before birth. In a similar way our fingers and toes are webbed during the early stage of our embryology and the skin is usually removed during later development in the womb. A few people are born with the webbing still intact.

    An important feature of Homo sapiens is neoteny. In other words our development is stunted, we retain juvenile features into adulthood - compare a juvenile chimp with a infant human!

    It may be that the retention of the hymen is another feature of neoteny.

  • cofty

    There may have been evolutionary selection pressure for individuals who retained a hymen.

    A female always knows that a baby is hers but a male can never be certain. A way of being sure a female Australopithecus who has become sexually mature is not already carrying somebody else's child could be an advantage.

    Here is what i meant by neoteny...

  • Phizzy

    " Embryologically, it tended to keep germs and dirt out of the vagina. In infants and children, the hymen can serve a protective purpose by helping to prevent things from being pushed into the vagina"

    from the Internet, so believe it if you like.

  • LisaRose

    Not everything has a purpose, some things are a leftover prior functions, it may be that the hymen served some purpose in one of our genetic ancestors.

    There is a thread I started on the evolution of whales that shows that the fins of a whale have all the same basic bones of a human arm and hand, elbow joint, five digits on each fin with their joints, etc. The whale doesn't use those joints, not as we do anyway, but at one time one of their ancestors did. Also they have two openings in the nasal passages, but no longer have nostrils, instead they have a blow whole.

  • ttdtt

    Some how you would think God would have know this?
    Must have slipped by him I guess.

    Female virginity is traditionally defined as the state of a woman who has not engaged in penis-vagina sexual intercourse. Female virginity cannot be measured or proven from a physical examination or test. A medical professional, friend, partner, or family member cannot “see” a woman’s virginity.


    However: the hymen doesn’t break and stay broken forever, like a freshness seal (with accompanying “use by” date). If a hymen tears or bruises, IT HEALS.


  • Heaven
    FYI, some girls/women don't have hymens.
  • Dissonant15
    Also in virgins, the hymen often dissolves itself starting toward the end of puberty (it becomes "estrogenized").
  • goodbye
    Everyone might want to watch this. Sex ed is so important! https://youtu.be/PM7

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