The watchtowers view on Rape!!! must see

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  • OrphanCrow
    SSS: My wife carries a Spyderco Merlin knife designed for nothing else but causing maximum open wound trauma to the target and she's been taught how to use it....The advice I've always given to women in rape situations is if you have the means to kill him, do it.

    Right on. And always go for the kill - even a small hit to the right spot will kill someone. It is better to be a killer than a victim of rape. Never let them up once they are down. Never.

    I know of several women who carry knives for protection. Someday, a rapist will pick the wrong woman to attack. The only problem will be in convincing a jury that it was self defense.

    However, I would rather have to log in from a jail cell than not log in at all. Far too many women end up buried after being raped.

  • zeb
    Rapists? .. 7.62

    The best defense is to have your mobile device ready with Watchtower videos of Stephen Lett. Nothing says, "Boner shrinker" more than his public speaking. Once the rapist sees the video, any sexual activity is impossible. So once again, Jeehoober provides.

    If you don't mind being "worldly" interlock your pointer and middle finger, press them together for strength; then stab your assailant in the eye or throat. Also practice low snapping kicks to the groin area. Still, the videos would work better......


  • ttdtt

    Only thing to say is SO Disgusting.

    Also it goes hand in hand with women not really being valued, and for some reason anything having to do with sex is the worst thing in the world ever ever ever.

    Doesn't matter than most of the "most faithful" and loved servants of god - in the bible - were slave owner, polygamists, and treated women with no value - even selling their daughters. Sex didn't matter for Noah - Lot - David - Sampson - Soloman - Abraham - Jacob - the spies in Jericho, and on and on.

    When they took extra wives - sometimes hundreds, had sex slaves (concubines sounds so much nicer), went to prostitutes - abused women - gave daughters over to rapists - that was AOK with god - even a protection for the women.

    But if a woman being raped today does not cry out! Well then she wanted it. She got what she deserved.

    Here we see the consistent and godly high standards and values the bible projects.

  • EdenOne

    That was VERY disturbing.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I agree Eden, I remember when I was 18 and was working with a manger at a fast food place, he had made some really serious passes at me in front of our co-workers.I was so afraid of him but I needed the job as I could not live at home with my parents as they were so abusive. I was looking for other work but having a really hard time finding anything and I had to have this job.

    I did not know what to do and was so afraid of being alone with him because if he would touch me in front of other like was I knew he would kick it up if I was ever alone with him. Even now I think he would have raped me if given half a chance as he did finally get fired for attacking a girl on the night shift.

    But what got to me and I do not know why I did not wake up at that time was that I went to a older sister in the hall crying my eyes out and I told her everything. She looked straight in the face and said that if I got raped it would be my fault as I clearly wanted to be attacked or else I would have quit before now and not be telling her this stuff. I explained to her that I had to work, I had no family to help me and I was terrified she told me that was not good enough that I needed to just quit and Jehovah would give me something else. I told her I was looking everywhere for work and Jehovah had not given me anything yet. She said that I had not tried just quitting and relying solely on Jehovah. I had prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed growing up for help and even though I was raised a JW Jehovah never helped me so just to quit and pray seemed insane to me, I was so afraid of being on the street and that was where I would have been as I had no one in the hall to help me. No one would even give me rides to the meeting even though I lived two house from a sister in her early 50's, she insisted I give gas money if I did not have it I walked and she drove with her empty car. So I knew I had no support from any of the JW "friends".

    I will never forget the horrible empty feeling I had after talking to that sister and sure enough the next week I got assigned a shift to work alone with this creep. I sat in the car dreading going in, I finally got the courage to go though the door and sure enough he immediately started grabbing me. There was no one to hear my screams as it was early in the morning and we were located away from other buildings. I yelled at him to keep his hands off me and I had waited in the car so long that in just a short time another co-worker was supposed to come. The manger was so pissed and screamed at me that I was fired and told me to get out.

    I needed the job and I just stayed and kept doing the prep work that needed to be done with the guy pacing and yelling at me to get the bleep out of the store. Shortly the regional manger showed up which was strange as he did not come by that often unless he called in advance to let us know he was coming. My face was so swollen from crying that my eyes were almost shut the regional manger just looked at me and never said a word but took the manger into the office. The next thing I knew the manger was fired because it was the night before that he had attacked the other girl. It turned out her father was an attorney and had told the store either he was fired or they would be sued.

    I thought at the time it was Jehovah that helped me, because I finally had stood up to the guy and told him not to touch me and than he was the one to get fired. Now I think how screwed up I WAS because I was so afraid not only of being raped but because I knew that I would have to face the elders if it happened and that I would probably be DF'ed for keeping the job.

    I have such bitterness for the huge amount of pain that I went though with no help for my spiritual family.


  • Watchtower-Free
  • Khaleesi
    @life is to short: I am soo sorry you went thru that, reading what you went thru is heartbreaking. ... callous of that sister to say that, sadly that is the mentality of the Org & many JWs zombies
  • Diogenesister
    Wdaughter11 hours ago
    I always thought the woman in the field was the one at risk of being stoned. For fornication.

    Yes JWdaughter, you are right, they would never have taken the word of a women against a man, so she just got away with her life due to the 'blessings'of this law.

    It seems even a bunch of bronze age nomads outdo the Watchtower when it comes to women and children's rights!

  • LisaRose

    Life is too short, that is simply horrible, even when I was a fully brainwashed dub I would never have treated anyone the way you were treated. This religion is still in the dark ages when it comes to women's rights that's for sure. You must have been a strong person to get through all that.

    But that's what happens when you use a book written by bronze age people as a model for justice in a modern society. In the bible where if you are raped out in the country you are forgiven, but if you were in the city you were put to death, because you could have screamed. What if they gagged you? What if you screamed but no one heard you because you were in a back room? What if you didn't scream because you feared for your life? Nope, put to death, a life sentence because you were a victim. All this from the supposedly just God Jehovah. Sadly some women have had to submit to rape to protect their lives or the lives of their children, but if they are a Jehovah's Witness they will be disfellowshipped. It's hard to believe that these kind of things still happen in our society, but they do.

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