The watchtowers view on Rape!!! must see

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  • Khaleesi

    This person did a great job putting this together... I am disgusted with WT policies & them acting both Judge & Jury
    Watch "NoOneSpecial - Rapists - JW" on


  • Village Idiot
  • Khaleesi

    @ Village Idiot, thank you! I didn't know how to do that

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Couldn't finish watching it, so criminal and heartless.
  • LevelThePlayingField

    Good video. It really shows how things are in the borg. The borg convenently forgets about the scripture that talks about the woman in the field who gets raped that doesn't need a 2nd witness to get the guy stoned to death. I remember the counsel Angus Stewart using that with Mr. Jackson during the RC and I thought he did a brilliant job with it. But the WT never uses that scripture. They like to pick and choose.

    I would like to to send this video to some elders but they would know who sent it to them. :(

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Khaleesi, you put the short URL up as a link. You need to go to the You Tube video then right click and select "Copy video URL". Then you just paste the full URL into our commentary box and it will turn into a video after you post.
  • Khaleesi

    @LevelThePlayingFeild: Definitely agree Stewart Angus did a fantastic job, I also loved when he brought up Deborah being a Judge a Woman being used by God....The WT also picks on only the Mathew account of the F& S not Luke's account...

    @villageidoit: thank you got it!

  • JWdaughter

    I always thought the woman in the field was the one at risk of being stoned. For fornication.

  • possum

    Blame eve

    Blame mothers

    . Rape can, and frequently does, involve restraint and fear-producing stimuli such as weapons or violent threats. Ratner (1967) has suggested that tonic immobility may be an evolved defence mechanism to predation, and rape has been described as a predatory act (Selkin 1975).

    Burgess and Holmstrom (1976) report 37 per cent of a sample of rape survivors indicated they felt paralysed and unable to move. At the very least, given our current knowledge of immobility during assault, all those involved in rape should be more aware that immobility does occur in women. It should be stressed that immobility may be involuntary paralysis, not a sign of the woman choosing not to resist or as an indication of consent on her part.

  • talesin

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