Seeking Riches That Are True

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  • westiebilly11

    Always remember one brother, (now an elder.,) who in a talk/item said that after his road accident, when four 'worldlings' were killed, Jehovah blessed him with a Ford Granada car....then he was further blessed with a three year old Range Rover!!!..Beggars belief! Yet this same elder refused to materially help his dying the extent that his own mother , after the father died, moved far away from this elder because of his 'materialism'....!

  • LongHairGal

    I could only see myself giving charity to an organization that actually helps mankind in a material way - never mind prayers.

    Looking at the natural disasters that seem to happen in one place or another, it would make more sense to give to Red Cross, or something similar...Desperate people need somebody and something to BE there for them. Not too many religions do this. In my opinion, a religion should have to prove they actually help the community in a material way. Otherwise they lose tax status.

  • FedUpJW
  • eyeuse2badub

    I'm giving the wt and jehober the 'Goldfinger"! 007

    just saying!

  • Hecce

    This matter is a sore point when you get to a certain age and you discover that all the things that are supposed to carry you over in your golden years are not there, pensions, savings accounts, retirement funds, membership in organizations that will help and so on; were bypassed looking for "true riches", now you discover how much needed are the "vain riches".

  • waton

    Do not give to an organisation apparently approved by god ! proof ?:

    paragraph 12, Mat. 19:21, cited. Jesus: --" give to the poor [not to the rich, legitimate temple then in operation] and you will have treasure in heaven---"

    The strongest anti- wtorg donation statement of today's wt. by Jesus himself. so:

    Give to the poor of your choice, starting with yourself. then you will have treasure in heaven and Earth. treasure Jesus' wisdom.

  • Listener

    Of course, it's right there in parable of the FDS. They've been appointed to feed the domestics and the domestics are required to pay for their meals.

  • waton
    the domestics are required to pay for their meal
    please elaborate ! that payment scheme may be news to a few of us here.
  • Listener

    Waton, somebodies got to pay for their movies, books, magazines, plane rides and resorts etc., who do you suggest is doing that? Don't tell me the GB have all got well paying part time jobs.

  • waton

    listener, yeah, I have personally been used in that free supporting capacity, but

    I thought you offered insight into particulars that Jesus mentioned in the F&DS parable. like

    Who is the F&DS that is keeping the sheep well shorn and fleeced? ha ha.

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