help what bookstudy book are we in?

by lostandnotfound 39 Replies latest watchtower bible


    Hey lostnotfound,your going to find a lot of JW`s of different status on the board.Most are real nice people, although the the odd jerk shows up to call everyone apostates.Hang out with us,ask any questions you like and enjoy your visit...OUTLAW

  • kls

    WELCOME, just wanted to say how sad for you to be so desperate to show youre family that you are not behind on youre bookstudies,you have to go on the web to ask for help. be youre own person, not what they want, but what you want.

  • rocky220

    APOSTATE is also label used by the BOTCHTOWER to discredit those who see them for what they are and have the cojones to say it!!!! [just my 2 cents] Rocky220:)

  • riz

    hi lostandnotfound

    i just wanted to welcome you. don't worry- we don't bite.

    my situation is a little different. i've told my family many times that i don't consider myself a witness anymore (i'm not df'd or da'd), but they don't believe me and they think it's a phase

    it's not easy, that's for sure. it would be nice to just be accepted for who we are. what a novel concept.

    anywho, welcome.

  • cruzanheart
    don't worry- we don't bite

    Unless it's called for, honey!


  • Pistoff

    Ah, the exquisite irony; me, an active witness who does not believe a word of it, I can provide your information.

    For Sunday, March 30th, it is the Feb 15, 2003 WT page 12. It is the WT with an attractive woman on the cover, bible in lap, looking pensive. Is she seeing a plane upside down? A rare bird? Who knows. BTW, the second study in this WT left me quite p'off; it kinda threatens anyone who partook mistakenly with the example of Korah, a bit of a stretch if you ask me. Anyway.

    For the bookstudy: Isaiah Volume II, a real stinker of a book but.... for the week of March 31, chapter 15, paragraphs 1-12 and box on pp. 218-219. Bring No-Doz (TM).

    I have missed the bookstudy a couple weeks now, but that book is a real snoozer. If I hear the date 19bloody19 just one more time, I may be too queasy for coffee and cake after.

  • Swan

    Welcome LostandNotFound!

    I hope you find what you are looking for. Somehow I get the feeling it isn't just the study assignments.


  • happy man
    happy man

    Wt studie 8 april, 1 march " Be brave and strong"

  • jgnat

    Welcome, lostandnotfound. I hope you will join Blondie and me as we prepare our own studies for next week. You can find it here under Bible Studies and Research. Blondie's comments are titled "Comments you Will Not Hear..." Please don't assume that away from the Society is away from Jehovah. There are many ways you can show your love and gratitude for Him without acting like a performing bear for your relatives.

  • Maverick

    Dear Lost: Sorry for your loss, my friend. As I have stated before, we are not apostates of the True God! We do not usurp Jesus place in God's arrangement, nor do we claim to be the earthly channel of His Holy Spirit! We welcome you unconditionally. We will take you at face value and help, if you let us. You said you are not happy. Time to grown up and set your own course in life. May you have peace, Maverick

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