The Prodigal One That Never Went Back...

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  • Dawn


    It is so hard to loose someone - even harder when they have been so mistreated. I am sorry for you and your Uncle.

  • Valis

    I've just returned from funeral,where I heardabout jebus making mansions of gold in heaven and so forth...If i were in charge of the Km he would have gotten and I as in needs improvement...the slipping in of references to the troops was good and redneck as well....On a happier note my uncle is awake today and the possibility of a very slow recovery may be in the works...he has if I have this right..hereditary lung disorder called anti-trypsin deficiency which will not improve, but we think his spirits and the lack of more pain medicine, plus certain other meds he should have been on a long time ago are going to help. Sometimes the light does get a little brighter...even if it is the same sad glow....have a good day everyone.


    District Overbeer

  • Joyzabel


    you are one dude that has his head on straight and proves it through times of difficulty. My heart goes out to send you good vibes, thoughts, whatever is out there to help you through this.



  • gumby
    and one can only hope for the sake of us all that this story doesn't repeat itself ad infinitum.

    Sorry for all of this my friend,

    Sadly these stories will repeat themselves and have happened in the past. As long as there are people who are swayed by people like the will continue.


  • BadJerry


    i truely think their going to reap what they sow.

    concentrate on all the good thing in your life!

    from imanaliento, Jackie

  • Valis

    It is good to know you all are makes it easier so thanks much.....just a couple other things..

    I never called Irene my aunt really, I always called her my uncle's wife..I was never allowed that relationship as my parents never made it a point to have them as real family...I hope that I can make the better of it as today I found out that my aunt actually had children from another marriage...and I had just forgotten about them, and today I had several memories come to me...going to the park in the back of her El Camino and worrying if we had stayed too long and my parents would be mad..Eating macaroni and pork chops at her house when I was about 11/We watched Remo Williams w/her kids...and he living in my grandfathers tool shed one summer, one visit from her, sex ,and the smell of a good J later my parents kicked him out of the tool shed for fornicating w/a consenting adult, and being not only a bad influence, but way worldly and breaking the rules....And back to today....I got to the funeral home and the first thing my cousin did was come and welcome, thank me, tell me he had actually seen pics of me through my uncle on the Internet, and then hed had a good cry for about 15 minutes on my shoulder. That's the better I hope to make....famillial inclusiveness on the rebound in Texas...


    District Overbeer

  • beckyboop


    Just wanted to extend a hug to you--sounds like things have been rough again lately. Although maybe now you'll be able to visit with more of your "family"--even if it's not your immediate family.

    I hope you enjoy your new relationships with your family, and that your memories keep coming back to you of all the good times you had with your aunt and uncle.


  • wednesday


    ((((((((mom hugs))))))), so many sad stories, and as someone said, no need for fiction.


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