No more reporting time for field service!!!

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  • Khaleesi

    So at last I am in my next step of my fade, this month is the first month I did not turned in any hours. I received a text from our group leader an MS & i told him I didn't have any to report, then of course It got bumped up to the elder & I text him back I have no hours to report for December.

    I came to this decision when reading many posters here about the yearbook stats, I do not want & refused to contribute to this organization "boosting" numbers for their glorious purposes, after the RC in Australia they do not deserve for me to give them a "Production" report of what I do for God, no more. GOD knows my efforts....

    Given I stopped going to D2D, since this May. The irony of things, I haven't been at meeting in several weeks do I get a call or text for their concern if I am still alive? Hell no!!! I only get a text to report time to make their reports look good!!! I know i will be ambushed next mtg, I will tell them thank you for your concern but i don't want to discuss private matters with anyone, its between me & God!!!

  • Lostwun
    Thats how it begins. By your second month of no reporting they will begin trying to arrange a shepherding call then the surprise pop in visits and love bombing from fellow jws will come. Give it time.. you'll see soon
  • nicolaou
    Well done Khaleesi, stay strong. Why are you still attending meetings? Do you have family who are JWs?
  • Khaleesi

    lostwun: I do have to prepare how i am going to handle it, i am really not sure if they know where I live, but will be prepared.

    Nicolaou: Fortunately no I do not, not a single one, my child's JW grandparents babysit & my son's father is a JW & since they are well known word might get around to them & want to pressure me or worse yet go fanatic on my son & try to heavily influence & indoctrinate him more or worse fight me for full custody, i just don't want to deal with fighting thru the courts... we live in the same vicinity, i plan to say I'm moving congregations & completely fade.... that's the next step

  • smiddy


    Remember this important fact :

    "The only power they have over you is the power you give them"

    They have NO power OR authority over you unless YOU give it to them

    Do not fall into that trap.

    It is as you said your worship to God is between you and him alone nobody else , when they try to badger you say , It`s between me and my God and nobody else , thank you for your concern , and say nothing else to them , do not engage in conversation as they will try to trap you in your words.

    Take care , I wish you all the best


  • Xanthippe
    Good for you. Whatever happened to let your giving be in secret, let not the left hand know what the right hand is doing? Or something. It's been a long time since I read the Bible lol.
  • kaik
    My last report was in April 1994. I studied with a young couple, and we went through book of Revelation, which also had it as a book study in KH under Great Climax... During that study, I realized It was all man-made religion and stopped attending any JW related events. It was this couple that helped me to get on my feet, secured job that paid a rent and I was free. We stayed friends for several years. I only told my mom that I do not believe it anymore several years later and she was ok with it; but my siblings did not talk to me for years. I just walked away, did not fade, and did not write DA letter. Nobody from KH ever tried to contacting me, no call, no visit, nothing.
  • Gorbatchov

    Reminds me of our fading. At my last report I wrote the message that I no longer would report. Never heard a comment about that message. A few time the elders asked for my report, the last time the elder asked me first and then said "... and by the way condoleances with the dead of your grandmother".



  • Divergent
    I put in my last report (with hours & placements) more than a year ago. The next time I was asked for my report, I submitted a blank one with only my name on it. Never got asked for my report again!
  • jookbeard

    nice milestone that , my fade went like this;

    complete cessation of FS,

    drop out of the bookstudy

    gradually start to miss all Sunday and midweek meetings

    CA missed

    DA missed

    then the big one ; the memorial!

    its like a jigsaw falling into place. The real nail in the coffin for me was one particular meeting I randomly attended and I for some reason I went to look at the noticeboard,my name was excluded from the book study group list, but Sister Jookbeard was still there, I kind of felt sorry for her. No more Bro Jookbeard! Your response was great, carry on with your fade! its the best thing you would have ever done!

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