Mass disassociation pact...

by freemindfade 312 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • freemindfade
    Should collect them all and send in one huge box to Warwick lol
  • Warwickslave
    Lets send them to Brooklyn. I'm in, I was going to send one regardless. My name will be Jonny Chingas
  • cappytan
    If I haven't DA's by 9/2016, I will take the plunge with y'all.
  • cognac

    I'm in for the number 1 option.

    When are you all thinking?

  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam
    My wife and I would, but her parents/my in-laws would suffer extremely. We are the only ones here for them. Right after they pass away, we will be all out with christmas tree and all.
  • wifibandit

    I will start sending DA letters to Warwick every month under pseudonyms.

    • Dan Gleeballs
    • Mike Easter
    • Amanda Hugenkiss
    • Mike Rotch
    • Mike Hunt
    • Herb Ubs
  • Sabin

    I love this it is a great idea, gives everybody something to look forward to.

    I love Islandmans & Warwick slaves idea to. Just to add, wether you sign or not, writing a letter printing it out 7 times & placing the name of each governing body member would give it the real personal touch. If only a 100 people did that it would be 700 letters.

    September 2016. It`s a date.

  • Sabin
    I`ve written it down in my diary.
  • sparrowdown

    If I'm still officially an "inactive" witness then, yeah ok why the hell not.

    By the way, will we use copies of the same letter?

    Can someone start by putting together a rough draft with a list of reasons why we will be withdrawing our support etc?

  • Defianttruth
    Why not send a well written letter to explain the deficiencies, corruption, lies and falsehoods to all of our loved ones all over the world. We tell them in an opening header they should read the letter in full because we sent a copy with their name on it to Bethel for them since they didn't have the will to do it themselves. It would get them to read the letter and if thousands went out on the same day they could never know who sent the letter. It is below my normal moral character, but theocratic warfare strategy and all.

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