What did you have for Christmas dinner?

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  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    The holiday menus sound beautiful!

    On Christmas day the two of us had biscuits and cheesy scrambled eggs for brunch with sausage links and watched an old movie.

    Then later when the kids rolled in we had frozen dinners and opened presents. Terrific grandkid gave us a painting she did for us.

    Today she and her grampaw went to see Star Wars in 3D. It's been a very nice Christmas!


  • barry

    Turkey was the traditional food for xmas here in Australia but then someone realised xmas here was the middle of summer and hot. They also realised seafood would be a good compromise if pre cooked and eaten cold.

    The point of all this is seafood is most popular here with 170 tons being sold at one market in Sydney the day before xmas. I live in canberra and the fish shops had lines with a hundred people and a serving ticket as the shopper went through the threshold to be served.

    I lined up seemed like two hours but I'm sure it was a bit less. I got prawns big ones, beautiful lobsters, morton bay bugs and oysters. All for about 300 bucks. i blew the buget for the week but then doesn't everyone at xmas. We are still trying to finnish it all off.

  • tiki
    Omg outlaw...you did it again!!! That's awesome!!
  • tiki

    Prime rib roast...garlic parmesan mashed potatoes...weird little brussel sprouts...nephew went to culinary school and he did it all...interesting dipping sauces and funghi and stuff....

  • GoneAwol

    Christmas Day we had roast goose. Was yum with proper goose fat tatoes and all the veg from our smallholding.

    Boxing day we had a load of peeps round, roast piglet done in the pizza oven on a spit. The head was for the dog. It was the best crackling we have ever had!

  • Vidiot

    GrreatTeacher - "What did you have for Christmas dinner?"

    Leftover Halloween candy.

  • tenyearsafter
    Turkey, Honey Baked Ham with all of the fixin's! Pure belly worship!
  • blondie

    We change from year to year.

    Ham from a local farm

    Green beans from our garden

    Corn, steamed last fall and frozen and steamed again

    Fresh salad from our garden

    Fried potatoes from the garden

    Cherry pie, cherries picked from Door County trees with ice cream from a local dairy.

    Fresca/cranberry juice (local) cocktail

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