What did you have for Christmas dinner?

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  • talesin

    truthseeker - I am with you on that. My room mate made Pizza ! What better way to finish off the day.

    Every year, I would cook my best friend the traditional feast (around here, turkey, dressing, yams (NOT candied, yuck), gravy, stewed cranberries, etc. THEN, I found out a few years ago, that he loves KFC, and turkey? Not so much. So, I started buying KFC, and it is the Xmas dinner of choice! (last year, I bought it elsewhere for ethical reasons, but equally as good). hehe ,,, pizza & friend chicken .... *burp*

  • done4good

    Wow...a Polish family Christmas dinner...That takes me back. My grandparents on mom's side were 1st gen American, born to Polish immigrant parents, and in my mom's early JW days, (late '70s early '80s), this Christmas visit was still allowed for some reason, although we were made to feel guilty about it, so it stopped eventually. Making homemade pierogies with both mashed potato/cheese and sauerkraut filling and kielbasa was an all day affair on Christmas eve for my grandmother and her three daughters, (mom and aunts were all JW by '81 or so). Really miss homemade pierogies...

    This year was somewhat of an non-traditional, (for my wife's non-Italian family), Italian family dinner with eggplant rolatini, lasagna, and chicken marsala, Chianti and Valpolicella, and some kind of really good cannoli thing with the crust separate from the filling. Yes, I ate too much ;-)


  • Prefect


    I hope the Yorkshire Puddings were made from scratch. NOT from a packet.

  • Late Bloomer
    Late Bloomer

    Not a dinner, but I did have my first fruitcake. Wanted to see what all the fuss was about since it seems to be a very polarizing dessert. Good flavor and I didn't hate it, but I wouldn't buy it again. I liked the candy and nuts and cake, just not all together. Too many contrasting textures.

    And now thanks to Outlaw I gotta rewatch that Christmas episode of Mr. Bean.

  • SafeAtHome

    OMG Outlaw! I love, love, love Mr. Bean. I was in a store the other day where all the Christmas stuff was on sale. They had a really cute little tree that was pre-lit, but was not plugged in, sooooooooooooo I unplugged another display so I could plug the little tree in to see how it looked lit up. Immediately it came to mind one of my favorite Mr. Bean scenes, the Christmas episode where he was at the big department store and pulled a plug to test a string of lights and the whole outside of the store went dark!!! LMAO!!

    Anyway, I had a typical, awful Christmas dinner at my husbands family, they are terrible cooks. We had dry ham and burned on the bottom cookies while everyone raved how delicious everything was. I am 50% Romanian-Hungarian and my mom learned to cook to suit my dad which meant flavor, paprika, garlic, stuffed cabbage, poppyseed rolls, etc, all the things hubby's family turn their noses up at. I usually take the rolls or jello salad or something to a family dinner cause no one will eat GOOD food that I make. How the heck do you dry out a delicious spiral sliced honey baked ham? My sister in laws could dry out Niagara Falls!!!

  • talesin

    There's far too much talk of cabbage rolls on this thread, and day-yumm! I was craving them *before* the holidays. I guess I shall have to make some for New Year's! And they are 'legal', unlike the pizza (but it was WORTH IT, after ??? years)

    Okay, cabbage rolls it is - and I shall feature the recipe and prep in my February column.

  • Listener

    Although I usually cook a variety of foods, we have plain food on Xmas day, it's more about having a variety of choices.

    This year we had ham, sliced beef, roast lamb with all the trimmings, three salads and a platter including cheeses. For dessert we had a blueberry trifle.

  • Angharad
    I hope the Yorkshire Puddings were made from scratch. NOT from a packet.

    Yes made from scratch !

  • truthlover

    Always had turkey dinner with all the trimmings - even in the truth -- it was a holiday and the turkey was cheaper so why not!!

    This week had pot roast - chicken, mashed potatoes, combined carrots and turnips mashed, cranberry sauce, bread and potato dressing - home made and beef gravy....... will be eating it for a few days -- my kid took a lot home too.

    So good

  • kaik
    My in-laws are mostly Jewish. We usually go to see relatives who do huge cookout with various dishes. This Xmas we had filet mignon and bunch of side dishes. In Czech they usually make a carp with potato salad. My grandma used to bake a duck or geese for Xmas, stuffed with apples and served with sauerkraut and potato dumplings.

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