Major WTS Prophecy goes down to defeat !!!

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  • Amazing

    Many here may recall that the Watchtower Society has published much material on the prophetic role of the United Nations ... specifically, the United Nations is the Scarlet colored wild beast, the "Image" of the worldly 7 headed wild political beast ... it would be given life by the two-horned dual world power of Britain and America, the "Lamb-like beast spoken of in Revelation ... this "Image" beast would be given power to rule one prophetic hour over the nations as they subordinate their national sovereignty to it ... and so on ...

    Then ... after the creation of the United Nations in 1945 in San Francisco the WTS interpreted Revelation regarding the demise of the old League of Nations to apply to a statement in Revelation that this "Image" beast would be revived in the form of the United Nations ... seemingly, the WTS was on to something ... and for the next 45 years (until about 1990) the Watchtower published anything and everything they could to make their interpretation stick with respect to how deep in the time of the end they believed we were living in ... then, about 1990, the Watchtower Society joined the UN as a member NGO ... a significant departure from their previous stand on political neutrality ... and ... hatred of Satan's old system of things ... certainly, since we are nearly 90 years into the last days of this wicked system we would expect the UN to be in control or at least taking the lead ...

    So, now ... where do we stand as of March 19th, 2003? ... The United Nations has for twelve long years dilly-dallied with world issues, specifically not properly enforcing its resolutions with respect to weapons of mass destruction in the hands of various difficult nations or frightening dictators like Iraq. So, did the lamb-like two-horned wild beast, the dual world power of Britain and America breathe any life into the United Nations, its image, thus surrendering any national sovereignty, and causing the UN to have actual ruling power? ... EVEN for just one little prophetic hour? (Some JWs like to calculate a thousand years for a day in to an equivalent prophetic hour equaling 41.7 years) ... and it could have made sense if the end of this system had come by 1986-1987 (1945 + 41.7). This could also have somewhat corresponded to the lifetime generation of 70 years between 1914 and 1984 ... but no.

    Instead, what we find is that the British and American super powers have opted to ignore the United Nations as a weak and ineffective agency that has no teeth in its function and proclamations ... and these two nations have moved on and engaged in their own actions and enforcements ... just as NATO did when they invaded Serbia-Kosovo under Clinton, and so on ... the USA and Britain have basically killed a major Watchtower prophecy in one decision after another ... deep in this time of the end over 58 years since 1945, the beginning of the revived image, the United Nations.

    Yet again, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society proves to be a false prophet, a fake and fiat religion that, at best, does not deserve the label Christian ... and in all reality is just another little cult that needs to eventually disappear, or moderate to be like mainline religions. My departure from the JW religion eleven years ago is more and more justified each year ... and with this recent demise of another WTS prophecy, I have no remaining questions, doubts, or fears about my chioce to be free. It is simply Amazing!!!

  • minimus

    Amazing, just when you think that the Watchtower Society is wrong, they will allude to something they said 50 years ago and mention the need to be perservering and patient because they truly do have keys to understanding. To the average JW, what has not happened YET is what will still come true in the "near" future.

  • m0nk3y
    To the average JW, what has not happened YET is what will still come true in the "near" future.

    No matter how upside down and inside out it appears ... even if it is somthing completely different such as the the sun setting they will tell us it was armageddon and that we have been brought into a spiritual paradise of 'understanding'




    Amazing,'re dead on!

    Now...what amazes me is that despite this failed prophecy, how many will still turn the other way, and ignore it?

    Also, what new light will they pull out of their hat this time?

    The WTBTS never ceases to amaze me what kind of stranglehold they have upon their members.

    When will something give and it will all come crashing down???

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    If the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society was on the ball (they're NOT), they should have all their best slogan engineers and Bible typologists putting together a new apocalyptic vision featuring the worldwide assualt on Christendom by Muslim Wahabi fanatics. Then there would be at least an iota of a chance that they could be correct.

    But I beat them to it. My statement above is copyrighted to ME, dated today, March 25, 2003. My copyright has a 95 year term, after which it becomes public domain.

    Tough luck, WT Boys. You'll have to fabricate your next fantasy on your own.

    Who gets to work the SockPuppet now that Uncle Milty has assumed room temperature?

  • blackguard

    Hi Amazing,

    Yes, I was wondering if someone would comment on this yet another apparent watchtower prophecy blunder.

    Can you, or anyone else here, tell me if you recall a late 1960's or early 1970's WT or Awake magazine article which quoted a USSR leader claiming 'the west would be defeated by communism by 1975'.? It may have been a quotation from Kruschev.

  • hurt

    Ha! Apostates are at it again.

    Rather than point at a failure of prophecy, the recent events in Satan's word have confirmed the correctness of the interpretation of the Faithful and Discreet Slave with regard to prophecy. The anglo-American world powers have pressed on to assert their authority in world events, effectively showing they have full control of the Image of the Wild Beast, the United Nations, successor of the demised League of Nations. what more proof would vile apostates need to see this than the current events in relation to the emerging King of the North? The prophecy trully races to it's fulfillment. Keep in expectation of it. Even if it should delay, it surely will not be late. All these should reaffirm our conviction that the Faithful and Discreet Slave is dutifully watching the world events and feeding the truth to the flock. When the destruction of the wicked comes, you surely will see it.

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Great Thread Amazing!!!

    Below are News Articles which help to prove yet another Watchtower FALSE PROPHECY:

    "Forget the UN":,0,6035312.story?coll=hc%2Dheadlines%2Doped

    "Why spend $800 million on U.N. dues?":

    "The U.S. Congress Vs. the United Nations":

    "United Nations or Untied Nations?":

    "Can anyone check the power of the president?":

    "US Plans to Run Iraq Itself [without the United Nation]":

    "Reassert UN Authority":

    "USWAR/MP criticizes UN for passive approach towards Iraq crisis":

  • Shakita

    Hi Amazing:

    and in all reality is just another little cult that needs to eventually disappear, or moderate to be like mainline religions.

    Yes. As I have said before in my posts, most of the young people are not in the dark as far as the past failures of the WT predictions. I know many young people who stay in the org. because of family connections, and really don't follow the societies letter of the law in their personal lives. If the WT wants to continue to recruit new members, and keep the young ones they have now, they must become more mainstreamed. If not, in my opinion, their numbers will grow stagnant. The younger generation is not as afraid of authority as the generations of the past. New light must be on the organzation's agenda soon if they want to be recognized as a "real" religion, and not a cult.


    Crawl back under the rock you came from. It truly amazes me how JW's salivate at the destruction of the "wicked" 6 billion men, women, and children on the planet who don't belong to the JW cult. Truly a loving god.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • ashitaka

    Hurt! Go hurt yourself! Please. Find a tall bridge and do us all a favor.


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