Just curious - is apostasy grounds for divorce?

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  • Fisherman

    ...in other words, the only way for an innocent JW mate is allowed to remarry is if the guilty spouse committed porneia. An "apostate" is believed to put a spouse's spiritual health in danger and thus separation or divorce is not challenged by the congregation but for JW remarrying again (which is what divorce is all about) is only allowed when your spouse commits porneia. The guilty spouse is not allowed to remarry unless the innocent spouse remarries or commits porneia. But if an innocent spouse does not resume sex with guilty spouse after some time, say 60 days for instance, the JC may deem that the innocent spouse does not forgive and remarriage for the guilty spouse might be considerable by the JC, but it depends.

  • Heaven

    Apostasy... not grounds for divorce but definitely grounds for Botchtower making your life a living hell.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Fisherman you talk as if the Watchtower has authority over people... it only does if you let them. They are just religious quack doctors.

  • Landy

    The upshot is it doesn't really matter to you unless you wanted to be nice to your (ex) husbamd and make him free to remarry in the organisation's eyes.

    If you do want a divorce and new start then get one - it will make you legally separated and what he does after that is up to him.

  • WTWizard

    According to the washtowel, fornication is the only valid grounds of divorce with the hope of remarriage, and you have to be the innocent party (I am not aware of the rules about what if you are the guilty party, the innocent party remarries, and you are now single--aside you would probably be in trouble for the adultery). Absolute spiritual endangerment, willful refusal to provide for the family (perhaps too much money into the Worldwide Damnation Fund?), and extreme physical abuse are grounds for separation, but not remarriage. And apostasy may fit in with "absolute spiritual endangerment". Note that is their definition of "spiritual endangerment", not the true meaning of that phrase.

  • blondie

    You should not be df'd for just getting a secular divorce. But if you remarry even your ex-spouse that is grounds for df'ing.

  • nugget

    you can get a divorce and do as you please. It is your ex who is happy to follow their rules and your ex who may feel he cannot remarry.

    Part of the benefits of leaving is that your private life is now your own and is entirely your own business. I can understand that if you have affection for your ex you may wish to assist him on moving his life forward but don't be in a hurry to make such a decision. It is unreasonable and demeaning to keep your Ex and the elders posted about your sex life and would not be expected of any normal divorce arrangement.

    Part of starting afresh is thinking afresh.

  • blondie

    Sorry, didn't read whole question. Don't give him a manufactured reason for a "scriptural" divorce. No point having sex with someone just to help him out or worse lying and saying you did.

  • Fisherman

    Fisherman you talk as if the Watchtower has authority over people. --HB

    WT has church authority over JW members. They do not have authority over non JW members. The way I talk has no effect on that.


    Fisherman you talk as if the Watchtower has authority over people... it only does if you let them. They are just religious quack doctors.....Half banana

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