"Apostates " how honest are we?

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    Hi Stan. I should have posted it on another thread. Thanks for photo ( the car , the hall and you). I checked the link. It is interesting.

    Rebel. I think I see your point. In my view I am apostate because it is - according to Greek - someone standing outside or on the side. I am not in the center of the action anymore. I am watching from the side:) and wandering what is going to happen yet.

  • Finkelstein

    Ex-jws are apostates because they are honest, in comparison to the lying deceitful and corrupt Watchtower Corporation.

    The WTS are truly the ones who are mentally diseased soaked in their delusions of power.

  • MarkofCane

    Hi Closed

    I'm certain you are a good person and you only did what was asked of you by a controlling organization and sincerely thought by God and his Son Jesus, Head of the congregation. No doubt you reasoned that it was primarily to keep the congregation clean and the holy spirit was upon you and the other elders. Unfortunately many here have been hurt by the action of men/elders who instead of helping those loaded down with doubt and guilt, have only added to there burden. Instead of siding with the victim decided the other way because it would bring reproach to Gods organization. So from that starting point the whole process is biased. Man is not capable of fairly judging man only God has that prerogative. Just my 2cents


  • SecretSlaveClass
    First of all apostates don't define themselves as apostates, religions do whenever these people break their rules. They are simply a group of people who amongst themselves even, often have many and vastly different views which themselves are prone to clashes in discourse. All of them have their connections with religion severed for their own personal ideas or conduct, not because they decided they had an urge to be part of a religiously labelled "apostate" collective.
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    MC Thank you for positive comment. I couldn't agree more with you. It was exactly the case. And people simply can't judge motives. Besides all the df process is not based on the Bible. So it's only human - at the best imperfect, sadly often corrupt.

    SSC I am not arguing what apostate really means. I am mentally outside. So you can call me as you wish. It doesn't bother me the slightest :)

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