Getting disfellowshipped to marry and return

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  • joe134cd

    Yup I know a CO who was playing around on his wife. He is now an armed police officer

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I remember this DO Doug Turnbull, it really was a major scandal at the time.

    Not long before he had been on a radio programme arguing his beliefs with about half a dozen clergymen, "Daniel in the Lion's Den". He was a very able witness, he ran rings around them. As I recall his lady love and her husband were in a Nottingham congregation. I cannot remember if they were ever reinstated but they will be long gone now.


  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    Regardless of whether it is the truth or disfellowshipping is right or wrong what this pair are doing is disgusting. The woman who is leaving her husband has 2 young children.

    Not as disgusting as sexually abusing young children since the 50s and covering it up all these years.

  • Earnest

    In Shepherd the Flock of God (2019) it says (Chapter 12 para.10-12)

    10. Adulterous Marriage: If a divorced person remarries and he was not Scripturally free to do so—in other words, if adultery and rejection by the innocent mate had not occurred—he has entered into an adulterous marriage. In Jehovah’s eyes, he has married someone while still bound to another. Entering into such a marriage would call for judicial action.— See 12:76.

    11. The elders should be very cautious in extending any special privileges to such an individual, even after judicial restrictions have been lifted. He could share in the cleaning and repair of the local Kingdom Hall. He may eventually present student assignments on the midweek meeting if his doing so would not disturb others. However, he would not be assigned to help with literature, accounts, attendants, sound, video, or similar privileges in the congregation as long as the innocent former mate is alive, unmarried, and has not been guilty of por·neia.

    12. Although a Christian’s remarriage may not be adulterous, if he deliberately committed adultery in a scheming way so as to end his previous marriage or he pressured his innocent mate to reject him so that she eventually agreed to a divorce, he has dealt treacherously with her. (Mal. 2:14-16) His conduct is similar to entering into an adulterous marriage, and he would not qualify for special privileges for many years.

    Para. 12:76 :

    76. The following constitutes rejection by the innocent mate:

    (1) The innocent mate initiates a divorce either before or after learning of the adultery.

    (2) The innocent mate signs a divorce decree or in some other way indicates he does not object to a divorce initiated by the guilty mate, either before or after learning of the adultery. In some lands it is possible for the innocent mate to sign legal documents that stipulate custody of the children and financial support without indicating he agrees with the divorce; his signing such papers in itself would not indicate a rejection.—w00 12/15 pp. 28-29.

    (3) Though verbally expressing forgiveness and not seeking a divorce, the innocent mate refuses to resume sexual relations for a very prolonged period of time, a year or even years. Before indicating to the guilty mate that he is free to pursue a Scriptural divorce, the elders should consult with the Service Department. The innocent mate is not required to make a quick decision to forgive or not.

  • Researchedandenlightened

    Elder ran off with CO, s wife here in the North East England, both dfd moved away married and reinstated a while later only for the ex elder to drop dead of a heart attack

  • zeb

    The wt allows paedophiles and wife bashers to remain 'in good standing' so whats a little marital corruption to worry about...

    (cynicism dept)

  • tiki

    Yeah...I knew one gal who pulled that one off. Her husband and father of two small children wasn't spiritual enough for her. She managed to cut him off and he sought relief elsewhere...once armed with her divorce papers and scriptural freedom she went after an uprising star......and she got him to marry her and take on her kids...and yes she became the elders wife she dreamed of being.

    But I have reason to believe they did not live happily ever after.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    I remember the turnbull thing back in my early 20s. The rumour mill went into overdrive. Apparently Knorr flew over to the UK to personally df Doug.....

  • rockemsockem

    I have seen this many times. They get a divorce which is frowned on but not a DFing offence but to get remarried is. They take the hit and do the time and then once reinstated its just wonderful again. Accept people will talk behind their back for many many years.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    I am aware of this happening. People don't seem that bothered by it anymore. Guess the shock of it has worn off and people think its acceptable now.

    What I can't figure out is this. They know Jehovah disapproves of fornication, so they do it in order to divorce. If they had any concern about how Jehovah feels, they'd at least just get divorced and remarried. It would be better than fornicating first. Not much, I grant you but a bit.

    But they are not bothered about God's standards. They are bothered about what others think and so long as no one is too shocked and no one asks questions...

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