Will YOU Ever Leave The Watchtower Org.?

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  • SummerAngel

    Just wanted to add to my post as I think perhaps my sentiment was misunderstood. I don't underlay the enormity and complexity of leaving this vile controlling cult. After 30 yrs out and it was easier back then I also managed to avoid baptism which was fortunate, I still have a ton of residual damage. I don't do formal or anything that screams control. I hate rules and socially I'm still on the outside. My point was about ascribed power and a speculative what would happen if. A wishful thinking if you will reflecting on what if all this negative feeling could be mobilised into action. I personally would love to see this organization that traps my family and keeps many of them from me brought to its knees.

  • Vetiver

    Been out of it since 2000. I still have certain habits that cling. I literally work every weekend, and don't enjoy celebrating my birthday. I do remember having a suit and pretending to go to the memorial for a few years, but would actually go to a nice bar or a restaurant and have a drink and nice steak or something. I didn't do it to be disrespectful. I simply hated going.

  • jookbeard

    I was baptised in 1987 (born in) married in 1990 and at the time I thought I was in for life, the cracks in the marriage surfaced within weeks though, but at the time felt reasonably happy in my life as a young brother in the cong , reaching out etc, god that pack of cards fell down quite quickly indeed, by early 1992 my meeting attendance was very sporadic , FS all but finished, prestudy, prayer etc all ground to a halt, by 1993 I was completely finished, history,by 1995 I was divorced,moved away and in the proceeding years DA'd all within 5 years.

  • minimus

    Jwundubbed.... I read your entire post and was very impressed with your ability to communicate so easily all that you went through. Unfortunately you seem to miss one point. I was primarily referring to elders and ministerial servant's and others in position who absolutely no better and continue to play both sides to the middle.

  • minimus

    Of course any Jehovah's Witness can know better but those in position who actually see what goes on and recognize the lies and deceit that the organization produces are in a more responsible position to do something about what they know of.

  • _Morpheus

    This debate has gone on and on over the years on this board and elsewhere im sure... in all those debates im constantly surprised at just how self righteous people are with others lives and choices, choices they dont have to live.

    Who gives a damn what you or anyone else thinks about an elder or servant or husband or wife or whoever continues to go along with the borg? You dont have live with the consequences of their choices or the repercussions of taking a stand they may not be ready to handle. Its so easy to sit in judgment, Key board commando style, and pontificate on the forum and wring your hands in abject horror that some poor elder or ms or whoever may have woken up isnt ready to ruin his life yet.

    Fuck you.

    Ray franz is held up as an apostate hero... but he served on the hated ‘governing body’ and knew for years, maybe decades, that it wasnt “the truth”. He may have served the rest of his life had the other sainted ones not thrown him out.

    Oh and for every self righeous blow hard who cries at the thought of a serving elder knowing the TTATT, dont ever read one of wifi bandits threads again. All that leaked info that you people lap up come from elders who are awake and still serve. For a while i was that guy. I scanned every letter and every email, recorded meetings with the co and elders schools etc etc and leaked it here in the hope that while i was stuck i could do some small good... but self important ass hats who lap up “leaks” love to live other peoples lives, blind to the benefits they reap from the people they kick. Unless you have lived that life you cannot possibly understand the termoil. I would never ever go back having finally gotten out of it but unless you’ve lived it you can go fuck yourself if you think you have the have right to criticize.

    Everyone has their own path and answers only for themself. Worry about your own life a little more or hell, heres a wild idea, offer some small support to help others leave the cult, but dont tear down those on the way out doing the best they can in whatever personal struggle they have.

  • stuckinarut2

    I sat on the fence and pretended for a couple of years, all while slowly cutting back on my assignments and "privileges"

    This was to try and effect some change amongst those I thought were friends.

    Most importantly though it was to be there for my wife as she slowly awoke. If I had simply left, or acted too harshly about the society while she was awakening, it may have made her harden her love for the org, or dig in her heals.

    But by being calm, and displaying love and patience, she too awoke.

    She awoke, and joins us here on the forum. That was the best day of my life!

    So whatever anyone needs to do to suit their circumstances, I support that.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hey Morph--are you sure you didnt use to be elderelite ? i know i asked you before--only he had the same avatar as you--he disappeared about the same time as you arrived--and his writing style is very similar to yours.

  • minimus

    Lol Morph has some anger issues!

    You don't think that some people may be on the fence and want to get out but didn't quite know how to? Reading people's experiences can make the difference sometimes.

    And for what it's worth, it took me years to finally get out . But I couldn't remain a hypocrite and be a respected elder knowing it was all bullshit. If you want to remain an elder or whatever, it's your decision because you have to live with yourself when you have to tell someone they cannot have a blood transfusion knowing full well that it's all a lie. Sleep well!👍

  • jwundubbed
    Jwundubbed.... I read your entire post and was very impressed with your ability to communicate so easily all that you went through. Unfortunately you seem to miss one point. I was primarily referring to elders and ministerial servant's and others in position who absolutely no better and continue to play both sides to the middle.

    @minimus, You are right. I missed that point. Sorry about that.

    But... then I have to say that while I don't understand their motives and choices... I am in awe of them for trying something that I don't think I could ever do. From what I have seen many of those elders and ministerial servants try to help those who are in to see a different truth, or help to give their flock a more balanced point of view. That is an insanely courageous choice to make. It is dangerous too, because just being around the rhetoric and doing the autopilot thing can make you question your questions. And if you get DF'd at that point it is a much longer way down than for the rest of the lowly rank and file.

    I think that anyone who feels compelled to stay and try to help others in a meaningful way (not just to tell them that their truth is wrong) is a special kind of hero actually. I couldn't do that. They do it despite their fears and the risks.

    And for those who stay to help others, it wouldn't be the knowledge that it is wrong that would be their motivating factor for leaving. Your assumption still remains, that the fact that the JWs have it wrong is everyone's motivating factor for leaving. But people leave for a lot of other reasons besides knowing that it the JWs are wrong.

    And... it is even less simple for elders and such than it is for everyone else. They have to live with the knowledge that they taught people these things. They have to live with all the wrongs they may have committed against people in the name of their god. They took a lot more action then the rest of us lowly ones. So, I say again, shame on you for acting like anyone's choice is somehow more simple than the rest of us had it. And shame on you for thinking that it is your right to judge other people based on your experience.

    You did what was right for you. How dare you tell people they should do this your way. You should get the right make your choices but then others should not have that same right, they should be forced to make the choice that you feel is right? THAT is what I call BS on.

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