Mexican drug lord El Chapo personally killed 4 Witnesses in the 80's

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  • Richard_I

    US prosecutors are reportedly considering charging 'El Chapo' Guzman with the killings of 6 US citizens and a DEA agent

    "The first killings came on December 2, 1984, when four Jehovah's Witness missionaries, two men and two women, knocked on the door of a drug lord. Godoy, who was then also working as a body guard for Ernesto Fonseca, another Guadalajara kingpin, said the missionaries were tortured and the women raped.

    They "knocked on the wrong door," Vigil said, and the traffickers "believed they were informants or DEA agents trying to gather information.

    Godoy told WFAA that Guzman shot the missionaries one by one, letting their bodies fall into an open grave. The bodies have never been recovered."

    Incredibly sad to think of the last hours of those 4 poor Witnesses. Comments in this thread on say that this was known about and kept secret.

  • sparrowdown

    Missionary work is incredibly dangerous. Can't believe some of the hairy situations I put myself in going d2d in rural territory and in the rough parts of town where drugs and crime was rife. I had a creepy guy calmy tell me and another sister once that he could kill us and put out bodies in the basement and no one would know all the while smiling as he said it. I remember part of video from a few years ago had a dramatized version of an experience of these bave sisters not aftraid to boldy witness to a biker gang! Insanely irresponsible.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    That was Dennis and Rose Carlson from Redding Ca. I forget the names of the other couple, they were from Reno Nev.. The woman's mom lived in Redding. The State Dept. notified the Sheriffs Dept, the Sargent [whom I knew] came to my house as the Carlson's were neighbors, i notified the family.

    The dad Norm went to Guadalajara got beat by chief of police. Came back without any info.

    The drug lord whose house was visited, was released from prison a couple of years ago, completing his sentence.

    I did not know Rose was raped.

    If i remember correct these were the same guys how assonated a Catholic Cardinal or Bishop shooting his car.

  • careful

    Sort of reminds me of the Witness family killed by Goth teens in Tennessee back in 1997 when, fired up an assembly just attended, the husband/brother witnessed to them at a highway rest stop.

    I don't the recall the org publicizing this one either. I think they are afraid that such things will cause the R&F to be afraid of doing the preaching work.

  • startingover
  • LongHairGal


    Scary experience!

    Whenever a JW knocks at a door, they never know what kind of evil they will encounter. Even informal witnessing in the community, people think you’re an idiot and I’m sure some JW females just encouraged predators and criminals.

    I hated field service and even though I never went to a “dangerous area”, I still had some unpleasant experiences and was scared once or twice. I cannot imagine walking like an idiot into danger like they did and now that I know TTATT it makes me angry.

    The joke is that if the religion really had a “warning work”, they would use the media and not the silly door-to-door work. It’s just something to make JWs visible in a community.

  • Hairtrigger

    Where were the effing angels that were supposed to be with them protecting them during the preaching work? Isn’t that what is touted by the GB and their minions from every platform in every KH?

    Even the angels fled for their lives when faced with Chapos men! Now do the math. One can kill 180000. But two were scared shitless by a few cartel gangsters. Guess they haven’t updated their weapons. Iron swords against AK47s ain’t no match!

  • eyeuse2badub

    Must be that none of those missionaries were LOYAL to jehober because we KNOW that jehober ALWAYS protects his LOYAL ones! 'cept when he don't!

    just saying!

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    You stole my thunder, but also reminded me of a sister from Chihuahua, Mex, my own birth land. She would tell the story of how these JW's knock on the "wrong" door, deep in the mountainous territory of drug lords. The narrative went in the opposite direction. The drug lords were kind to them and let them go without a scratch. I believe they were even fed while in brief captivity. These must have been the real JW's., not the fakes of the story above.

  • Crazyguy

    JWs are so damn gullible a few years ago in the US a couple of sisters shot and and in another case a sister was torn to shreds by a dog yet they still go out as if some damn angel is out there to help them. Delusional just plain delusional!!!!!

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