Mexican drug lord El Chapo personally killed 4 Witnesses in the 80's

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  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Chihuahua huh

    story; Redding elder partners with younger Mexican brother start a cast iron bird cage manufacturing business in Chihuahua. Becomes friends with wealthy bakery business owner. Tells his girls about my boys, of which resulted in two weddings, both failures.

    In time elder starts to force the younger Mexican out of partnership, Mexicans father in law [a saw filer in lumber mill, so he is very smart] tells son in law to tell his folks, who then tell Mexican branch of family. They grab elder in Chihuahua, stick a gun down his throat, tell him he can either buy out the Mexican partner or they will kill him and plant him in the Mexican desert. He buys out Mexican. Comes back with a very serious case of post traumatic stress syndrome, claiming from a accident he witnessed a kid, becomes a pill junkie.

    Mexican's father in law meets me in hardware store, knows the elder created problems for me, so tells me the story. which is confirmed by a Mexican doctor i connected with in Chihuahua and also son who was living in Chihuahua. I use the story in my letter writing campaign attacking the elder's step father who plays a major part in a Lev.5:1 story I have been embroiled in for 27 years. I go after elder for concealing the info that one Mexican JW family arranges to have greedy elder killed yet step father with holds from Service Dept. information about a $4.250M unregistered securities swindle. The main thing i am doing is playing a 'chess game' with Merton Campbell Northern Calif Service Desk [although i did not know his name until three years ago] putting in letters to publishers homes for all to see hypocrisy of elders.

    Service Dept kept the Mexican justice quite and only removed step father elder from being PO and put a idiot in his place. I was pulling the chain of the Service dept guy, he knew it but could not let on, the church grape vine had plenty to talk about, as that was a on going 'chess game' being played out in letters to the publishers homes that drove the church to put the issue into their "Human Apostate" talk of 2013. The same year they revised Lev.5:1 in new RNWT.

    just mind blowing that the church would cover one JW family arranging for the murder of a greedy elder. But probably what happened the Redding branch of the Mexican family just asked the Chihuahua branch to do something and the Chihuahua branch made sure he got the point. But a lot of things get covered in Redding.

  • stillin
  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Since when do four JW missionaries all knock at a door at the same time. Sounds like dangerous behavior, if the wording is accurate. I have heard at times of real criminals masquerading as JWs to gain access to homes and property, so it is definitely a dangerous thing to do.

    On a similar note, I heard that JWs who go to some Muslim countries as need-greaters use an assumed name. Talk about foolhardy. I really wonder where they would stand legally with the US embassy in those countries if something bad happened.

  • stillin

    Drop off, they are called "car groups," and part of the idea is to help ensure safety in numbers. My wife and another were in a very hairy situation years ago, but they still survived to tell the story about how it had to have been an angel that saved them.

    I call it the luck of the draw. El Chapo was a big shot in his town and nobody was going to just walk onto HIS place and preach. Those poor Witnesses probably thought about how great it would be to march The Former El Chapo out onto the platform at an assembly to share his experience. Ignorant and innocent.

  • _Morpheus

    Terrible terrible story. What the hell were they thinking. In the eary to mid 80’s he was already a kingpin. Nobody should have been stupid enough to knock on his door.

  • dogisgod

    Going door-to-door these days is just plain grieving the holy spirit.

  • careful

    Dropoff, Morpheus, and stillin,

    READ the article from the LA Times that startingover linked on p. 1 of this post. These couples were going d2d like normal, sister with sister and bro. with bro. (like we all used to do) and were kidnapped, one group at a time. At the time of the article (1985) nobody knew what had happened to them except that some guys in a car grabbed them. Only with the arrest of Guzman and the federal prosecutors getting some of his underlings to flip and testify against him is the story of what happened now coming out. Apparently the cop/prosecutor got one part of the story about what led to their death ("they knocked on the wrong door") wrong. The rest seems accurate. Guzman believed they were narcs, so he had them picked up while they were out preaching, tortured them, raped the women, and then murdered them all. This was normal behavior for him. Evidently his henchmen had broken into their apartment a few days before this—read the LA Times article.

  • _Morpheus

    Thank you for the clarification. I skimmed the article, i didnt invest much time. In the end the details dont make it less awful. Choppo was (is) a horrific son of a bitch and his crew is legendarily brutal. The jw’s didnt deserve it anymore than the thousands of others ordered killed.

  • startingover

    So Bill Covert, it seems you are the one mentioned in the LA Times article I posted.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Yes that is me, i don't remember that story, but I am that person. Dennis rented next door to where i still live. The travelers checks mentioned were hidden in Rose's Kotex box. Norm the dad i believe was beaten up by the chief of police. Then I think the chief of police was connected with Quintero. In the paper a year or two ago Quintero was released from prison completing his sentence. I was under the impression Quintero did the killings, so this startling news to me.

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