Mexican drug lord El Chapo personally killed 4 Witnesses in the 80's

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  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    The story just hit the Redding paper. Amazing the town at the center of the story is 5 days behind the LA Times.

    This should be the catalyst to end a 29 year letter writing campaign centering on a $4.250,000 unregistered securities swindle and how it connects with elder [mentioned in this post, who covered over his step son elder having a gun shoved down his throat in Mexico] who refused to forward two letters of criminal investigation to WTB&TS Service Dept Northern Calif desk person Merton Campbell. Those two letters pertained to a Ray Dale [of whom "Royal Flush Phil" in another post of mine substantiated], has had a 30+ year career in defrauding widows in the JW church.

    If any of you would take the time to Google Ray Dale San Diego, it would take you to this web site. But you would notice the heading is removed and it just starts with my opening words of my first post on this site. That is because this site was used by an investigator to gather information as to Ray's defrauding another widow in Vista Ca. out of $100,000. Evidently Ray was able to use the fact that the information being used against him was derived from a apostate web site hence he was not disfellowshipped in his judicial proceedings a year ago. He at first had his name removed from the heading, then a short time later my name was removed. But evidently he must of been found guilty of swindling the widow as i understand he is to make restitution at $40.00 a month on the hundred thousand swindle.

    So the story of Dennis and Rose will create a lot of energy to work with as i write letters to the homes of publishers tapping into the internal church 'grape vine' that pissed off the church to of included me into their 2013 summer convention talk "Human Apostates" as the apostate who was using a new tactic of sending letters to the homes of the publishers. I also post letters on Kingdom Hall doors per Martin Luther.

    In another post I talked about my #5 son damaged by the 'spiritual abuse' of being separated from his father by church policy of shunning. Currently he is in a protected place provided by county mental health because of a letter i wrote containing the 1987 Wt article "A Time to Speak When" which is at the center of my mental chess match contained in a 29 year letter writing campaign. The letter was sent to the DA's office to which she emailed me stating the civil rights issue of separating families by shunning was "a civil issue not criminal". So if I can do as I say and publicly humiliate the GB there is quite a large audience to play to, which should result in the healing of a 'spiritual abused mind"!

    Crazy a person can hammer away for years on a particular Bible verse, no one listens. But bring in two instances of gun play in Mexico and the mental chess match takes on a whole new light.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I remember several times saying to myself "I should go witness to this person. Just because I am afraid of how this person gives me the creeps, I should ignore it and do it" But in the end I wouldn't. I just couldn't make myself cross that intuition.

    Now when I see stories like this, I'm mad and sad that the jerks running the organization - in front like the GB or behind the scenes - aren't held responsible for it. Maybe that is why they encourage the carts. Just another sneaky way of slowly extracting themselves from a liability.

    Wasn't there another story told by the WT itself, of a sister that did territory by alone and was later found dead, tied up in the trunk of her car? They used it as a warning to not go out without a partner. As if that never would have happened if there were two sisters.....

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    They should put this JW witnessing experience on their web site to warn their members of the potential dangers one might encounter in the indiscriminate door to door work.

    I see cart work as a much more safer work but will they even warn their members about this danger I think not judging how they let pedophiles run loose inside the congregation to molest children.

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