Will this war in Iraq, damage friendships here?

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  • email

    I agree with you animal...

    Add that to the anti-American stance of a few and yes, if nothing else, some respect has been lost.

    It is simple to call names online, but try it face to face.

    As long as we don't get into personal attacks... we can all learn to agree to disagree.

  • onacruse

    For the first time in my life, I'm stretching my wings and not only formulating, but also expressing myself on political issues. This war simply happens to be the first meaningful opportunity for me to explore this new area of my participation in the human experience.

    Why would any friends abandon me, or I reject them, for that? That's how JWs behave...


  • Scarlet

    In my opinon this should not destroy or damage any friendships. We all adults and should behave as such. If your friendship is damaged they weren't friends to begin with.


  • LyinEyes

    I agree with Animal and Email. But I try to stay out of too much talk of the war because I dont feel I know enough to contribute and back up how I feel. But I will say this,,,,,, I am in support of America , but I hate lives are being lost , our soliders and the people over there. Well there is more I can say but for now will keep it to myself.

  • Englishman
    Re: Will this war in Iraq, damage friendships here?

    No, it won't, all the time that we stick by a couple of basic rules. Her Ladyship and I hold opposite views over this war. I think that it is the only remaining option, HL would like to see a reason for every bullet fired. So we're careful we don't insult each others beliefs.

    If we avoid name calling, ie, You are a war-mongering moron / lily livered poeace nik, and over-generalising, ie, Americans / Brits / Aussies are all bastards, we can have lively debate that stays withi the confines of civility.



  • reporter

    Yeah, I have no regrets for my differences of opinion, and I can "lay down the hatchet". It's funny, but some who hold opposite views than me on war/peace issues I agree with on tons of other items, so, no, I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater on just one issue... There's lots of inflammatory political topics here, too, but, I realize I have to check myself before making insults. At times, that's not easy.

  • Trauma_Hound

    I don't want friends, that can't understand the impact of Depleted Uranium on a human being, namely children. You don't care about children, you won't be my friend. Period.

  • RandomTask

    People expressing their opinions about the war have not changed the opinions that I already had about them.

  • Eric

    I am quite concerned that the position taken by the Canadian government to not be involved in any way without a UN security council stamp of approval will damage our standing as a friend and ally of the US when this is all over.

    Surely we could have stepped up even with something non-combative, perhaps a medical corp to assist with your wounded - something.

    I fear that once again, Canada has taken a moral stance on America's military dime.

    Will I lose any American friends over all this? I hope not.

    Will Canada lose the US as a friend over all this? It's getting harder to make the case that we wouldn't deserve it.


  • Simon

    I think people shouldn't loose friendships over it but I suspect some will. Some peolpe are not able to separate what people say and believe with what they are.

    I certainly hope I don't loose any friends and try not to p*** anyone off intentionally - I just post what I think and expect other people to do the same. It is possible to strongly disagree with people and still be friends. There are some people on and off the forum that I always seem to argue with that I count as my friends. Friends don't agree no matter what.

    Trauma Hound: I understand your strong feelings but your comment is off-topic and this weakens what you say. If you put that in every post, for instance, people will just switch off. Such comments are best reserved for appropriate topics where they are relevant.

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