"Shock and awe" . . . my butt

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  • rmayer32
    "Shock and awe" . . . my butt

    No matter the name, it's still just a good old fashioned ass whipping. After 17 UN resolutions and 12 years, gee I think it's time.


  • Trauma_Hound

    Yep, they've managed to kill more of themselves, than the iraqi's have.

  • ISP

    I dont think its such a big deal. The weapons used showed how accurate stuff is these days. They dumped loads of bombs on a heavily populated city and destroyed largely empty buildings which is a testimony to the restraint of the coalition. The death toll is probably in the hundreds.


  • teejay
    >> I am not one to advocate war but the people seem to be happy that they may be able to live in a free country. I cried when it started but you know I will cry much more when we find out the depth of Saddam's treachery. -- SheilaM

    I agree SheilaM. I have no doubt that there are thousands, perhaps millions, of people who will be delighted to see that asshole and his bastard sons dead and gone. What disturbs me is the apparent glorification of the bombing of a nation's capital city and the assassination of a country's leader. Are these things necessary? Probably, but we don't have to be jumping up and down about it as though this were a football game on a Sunday afternoon and our team were willing. We're talking about people here, many of them innocent.


    >>> As for the people in Bagdhad. They can leave can't they? Lots of people did leave. Leaving with just the shirt on your back is sure better than death, I think. -- Mulan


    I guess that's another way of saying "they are getting what they deserve" since they didn't gather up their families and walk out into the desert three days ago... with the likelihood of getting shot in the back, of course. You have a point. The fact is, just as there are aspects of our own government that we don't like and have no control over, there's nothing much Iraqis could or can do about the government *they* live under. All they can do is hope for the best, wrap their arms around their kids, and tell them everything will be all right.


    >> the coining of the phrase "shock and awe" was to intimidate the enemy. Psychological warefare is extremely important in bringing this conflict to a quicker close. -- MegaDude

    I understand that, MD. The problem is that THE ENEMY AIN'T THE ONES HEARING IT EVERY FIVE SECONDS ON TV!!! I seriously doubt that the people who are meant to be intimidated by the phrase have heard it more than once or twice, considering the control Sadaam has over Iraqi TV.

    Furthermore, I, for one, ain't that shocked and not a bit awed... but that's just me.


    >> I dont know.... 350 bombs being dropped in one morning when there were a total of 350 dropped the entire last gulf war would qualify for shock and awe. -- pr_capone

    I guess, pr. I guess.


    >> I'll be honest, I didnt know this was a serious, or political thread and I only popped in because I thought you were showing your butt... Please forgive... You were saying........ -- Heaven

    Uh... well... what I'm sayin' is ... err ... that could be arranged, Sister Girl! You're too cute!


    >> They could call it the "StayPuft Marshmellow Man" and the result would still be the same. They could call it "Bubble Gum" and the result would still be the same. -- Farkel

    I understand all that, Farkel. It's just that hearing the Madison Avenue inspired "shock and awe" a thousand times a day *is* getting old. That's all I'm sayin'.

    >> Sadaam is toast or soon-to-be toast ...

    I'm with you there, Brother. We are in total agreement on that.

    >> ... and Iraq will be freed and its citizens will have a chance to create an enduring freedom and liberty for themselves. Whether they do this or not is not really important. What is important is that they will have an EASY choice to do so for themselves. Or not.

    I *wish* I could agree with that. Fractured Iraqi culture and history being what it's been for the past 1000 years -- and throwing misogynist Islam into the mix -- I have my doubts that our brand of freedom will ever come to those people. I think it's a little simplistic to think that removing Sadaam will result in even a third of their problems being resolved, but getting that true dipf**k out of the way won't be a bad thing. OTOH, it's been seen that removing an iron hand from power has sometimes been the worst thing to happen.


    >> I dont think its such a big deal. The weapons used showed how accurate stuff is these days. They dumped loads of bombs on a heavily populated city and destroyed largely empty buildings which is a testimony to the restraint of the coalition. -- ISP


    I keep hearing about how pin-point accurate the bombs are. I mean... on and on the pundits keep saying how precise the targeting is. What *I* wonder is: how do they know?

  • DakotaRed
    They keep saying Shock and Awe, way too much, it's getting rather irritating, at least they should have come up with something more creative.

    Charlie, sit down and grab hold of yourself, this is going to shock you, and maybe even awe you a bit. I agree with you. It's one of the more ridiculous descriptions for battle I've ever heard. It's used way too much and yes, they could say something a bit more creative. It seems to me thy tried to sanitize what it really is, selected pulverization.

  • gumby
    I wonder who coined that phrase

    I wonder who coined the phrase......."coined the phrase" that ALL americans have chose to use?

    Everybody.....picks up phrases.

  • teejay
    Everybody.....picks up phrases.

    Of course we do. We just don't use the same one over and over and over every 45 seconds. You know what I'm sayin'?

  • SixofNine

    <---------------------- wonders what some of your's "more creative" (hey, creativity, isn't that what madison ave is all about?) terms for this warfare strategy would be. Please try to come up with something that won't get old to Americans who grew up being spoon fed variety by madison ave.

    It seems to me thy tried to sanitize what it really is, selected pulverization.
    "selected pulverization" doesn't really speak to the intent of the strategy, does it?
  • mattnoel

    Well said Teejay. I could not believe how inapropriate and big headed that phrase was, along with the putting of the stars and stripes on that building, as if to say "we have conquered". How would we like it. It should of been Op Peace or Op New Iraq and if any flag was to be flown it should of been that of the British UN.

  • reporter

    Here's one which is in constant overuse..."terrorism." If that doesn't shock and awe you, nothing will...

    See: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/15/48871/1.ashx

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