"Shock and awe" . . . my butt

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  • teejay

    That phrase -- along with "weapons of mass destruction" -- is a term that I hope soon passes out of popular use. I wonder who coined that phrase: "shock and awe." I'm sure they are terribly proud of themselves... the idiots. Americans/people can be so uncouth... so unrefined. So willing to latch onto and repeat -- almost on cue -- the latest "cool" phrase without ever giving its meaning a moment's reflection.

    As the bombs fell on Baghdad for the second night in a row (on LIVE TV, no less), I happened to think of my daughter. And what it would be like if something like that happened where I live. In the middle of the night -- when the terrors come. How scared to death she'd feel and how terrible I'd feel for her, knowing that I would be absolutely powerless to protect her from any stray bomb that might fall our way. For her I would be no saving prince in shining armor.

    And so, I thought of all those Iraqi families -- some 5 million people in Baghdad alone -- that have lived for two decades under a cruel dictator and his evil, rapist, murderous progeny. Now, all those innocent people have to put up with this. The MTV-ready phrase "shock and awe" never appealed to me, and the more I hear it, the more nauseated it makes me feel.

    I hope Bush is true to every one of his words relative to his plans for Iraq... not just the ones that concern military action. I hope those Iraqis who are unfortunate enough to have been born Iraqi will one day get some relief... and very soon. I hope.

  • Jesika

    After the 9/11 happening in my own backyard, I can't imagine how those poor people in Iraq feel. The ones that don't want any part of this crazy stuff.

    I hope some good comes out of this.


  • SheilaM

    I am not one to advocate war but the people seem to be happy that they may be able to live in a free country. I cried when it started but you know I will cry much more when we find out the depth of Saddam's treachery.All I know is if we sat back and did nothing what would that say about us as a country, we sat on our haunces in WWII until it was almost to late. This time we gave him time and whoa aren't those SCUD missles he is using and boy he said he didn't. I equate this to the ousting of Trujillo in the Dominican Republic and although he was a dictator he had a balanced budget and his country was prospering his own "sin" was that anyone that spoke against him died.

  • Mulan
    I am not one to advocate war but the people seem to be happy that they may be able to live in a free country.

    I agree. It was neat to see the people in Southern Iraq, running out to meet the American troops, and hugging and kissing them, and ripping up that giant poster of Saddam. I guess we can't imagine what their lives must be like.

    As for the people in Bagdhad. They can leave can't they? Lots of people did leave. Leaving with just the shirt on your back is sure better than death, I think.

  • MegaDude


    the coining of the phrase "shock and awe" was to intimidate the enemy. Psychological warefare is extremely important in bringing this conflict to a quicker close.

  • pr_capone

    I dont know.... 350 bombs being dropped in one morning when there were a total of 350 dropped the entire last gulf war would qualify for shock and awe.

    Source - Ted Koppel

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Solace

    Hows it goin TJ?

    I'll be honest, I didnt know this was a serious, or political thread and I only popped in because I thought you were showing your butt... Please forgive...

    Anyway, I'll excuse myself...

    You were saying........

  • DakotaRed

    Shock and Awe was taken from the title of a book written by a defense strategist and some others. He was interviewed last night on Fox News.


  • Farkel


    : "Shock and awe" . . . my butt

    They could call it the "StayPuft Marshmellow Man" and the result would still be the same.

    They could call it "Bubble Gum" and the result would still be the same.

    Sadaam is toast or soon-to-be toast and Iraq will be freed and its citizens will have a chance to create an enduring freedom and liberty for themselves. Whether they do this or not is not really important. What is important is that they will have an EASY choice to do so for themselves. Or not.


  • Trauma_Hound

    They keep saying Shock and Awe, way too much, it's getting rather irritating, at least they should have come up with something more creative.

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