Changed behavior of the governing body on the topic of “vaccinations” in the Covid era

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  • truthlover123

    Can you verify WTBTS has shares in Pfizer? I always felt they did with the way they were pushing the vac?

  • Nikolaus
    do you think these excess deaths around the world are not from the covid vaccines? If not the cvshots then what is killing so many people before their time?

    This is a rather general question. You have to be specific what phenomenon (region/timeframe) you are referring to.

    For Germany, there is a regular analysis of number of deaths. Those link recent times of increases to COVID, influenca and periods of extremely hot temperatures.

  • luckynedpepper

    i thought it odd that NYC had a presser in which they specifically called out JWs for having 98% vaccine compliance.

    Why would they have this information? Who reported it to them, and why?

  • blondie

    Actually, in 1950 the WTS changed their view on vaccinations,, probably because they were sending out "missionaries" to foreign assignments and some vaccinations were required. Watchtower 1952 Dec 15 p.764 Hence all objection to vaccination on Scriptural grounds seems to be lacking..." Many jws from that time seem to have missed that statement and pass on info that vaccinations are forbidden.

  • hoser

    I was raised with the belief that taking a vaccine was sinning against Jehovah.

    Someone in my family didn’t get the memo

  • blondie

    hoser, it was in a Questions from Readers part of the WT which few jws read. The WTS did not make an announcement, some jws knew other jws that had to get vaccinations to get a passport in the US, like Bethel speakers going out of the country and missionaries. But some did notice and wrote in. Others just were scared so much by the WTS in the past, they were playing it safe.

  • Vidiot

    Jeezus H. Kreist, old-timers had some funny ideas.


  • blondie

    You can imagine what backlash the WTS was trying to avoid on vaccinations since many jws still don't realize that the WTS made it a "conscience" matter in the 1950's. That idea still permeated the WTS even just before 2019. You can imagine that some jws were going around telling other jws they couldn't be vaccinated as the WTS said so (without any proof from a publication, wow). Evidently, those people weren't keeping up with the chariot of god (WTS/GB). So the WTS had to get direct and specific to jws not to say it was a WTS teaching not to get vaccinated but their personal choice. There is no personal choice in the WTS, it is their way or "the highway" (in other words you can leave). (Yes, Jehovah’s visible organization is keeping pace with the celestial chariot and its Rider...If you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, are you keeping pace with God’s visible organization? Doing so is not simply a matter of attending Christian meetings and spending time in the ministry. Primarily, pace has to do with progress and spiritual growth. It involves having a positive outlook, setting proper priorities, and being up-to-date. If we are keeping pace with Jehovah’s celestial chariot, our lives are consistent with the message we proclaim)

  • ElderBerry

    We keep having the circumcising issue brought up in updates even the latest one on beards.

    Some said you should have this medical procedure some said you shouldn’t, then Paul came along and said you can if you want to but don’t have to. Simple.

    Why didn’t the GB follow this with covid vaccine? They should have stayed neutral but they didn’t. They are causing division by saying you have to have this medical procedure to go to any theocratic schools

  • Teddnzo

    There is bound to be a U turn on the covid vax just like the U turn on beards. They may even try to change history and say they always said it’s up to you if you take and be neutral. But it’s far too late for that.

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