Changed behavior of the governing body on the topic of “vaccinations” in the Covid era

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  • Pedro

    I'm looking for an explanation why the GB has made a radical change on the issue of vaccinations. Was there pressure from outside? Were there any financial or other benefits to promoting experimental genetic therapy?

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    It’s as simple as threatening to have charitable tax free status removed. That simple. Go along with the narrative or start paying tax on donations.

    A few decades ago France removed the tax free status and they had to start paying fair amounts of tax which was about 40% in their bracket. They didn’t want to pay Caesars things to him so shut down operations in France and moved everything to London.

    I was at Bethel in London at the time and everyone was saying why not just pay the fair tax as they keep telling all their followers to?

    Its that simple, don’t piss off the superior authority or they will not let you keep getting away with tax evasion.

    Not just JWs but all organisations had to promote the vaccine

  • Pedro

    Thank you for your quick response. I'm pretty sure money played a big role here. I'm looking for solid evidence of this, if such a thing exists.

  • Atlantis


    I sent you a private message Pedro!


  • MissDaSilva
    The Henrietta M Riley trust has shares in Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lily and Merck. All massive pharmaceutical companies. I worked for Eli Lilly a few years ago. I’m furious. Wish I’d know before. 🤬💥
  • Vidiot
    ExBetheliteNowPIMA - “…I was at Bethel in London at the time and everyone was saying why not just pay the fair tax as they keep telling all their followers to?”

    I think it’s pretty clear by now that the Org’s business model is completely dependent on their “charity” status..,

    …and that’s the real reason for trying to switch over to real estate sales and multimedia, all the fuss they’re making in the courts when their “official”/state-registered status looks like it’s approaching the chopping block, any capitulating they make to secular authorities at the eleventh hour, and recent attempts at appearing more “mainstream”.

    If the Org loses their tax-exemption (particularly in the US), they’d be financially fucked.

    That simply cannot be allowed to happen, because any remaining claim to divine factor would be flushed down the toilet, and any remaining inventive to be a JW would be flushed along with it.

    As you said, it’s why they relocated without explanation when the France thing happened (jeezus, 40%? I didn’t know that 😳)…

    …only a complete moron would try to spin “paying back Caesar’s things to Caesar” as persecution, but they sure as hell weren’t going to admit the real reason, so (unlike Top Shelf and Letto the Clown) they had the brains to keep their mouths shut.

  • Pedro

    check out these two videos:

    It became public that the UN used the religious leaders for Covid propaganda to push their agenda.

    The assumption that the Watchtower, like all other religions, complied with the UN's mandate to work together during the Covid period is probably correct.

    Everything fits with it.

    The radical change of course, the violation of their own previous rules, the concealment of the fact that the UN had influenced the religious leaders and also the fact that the watchtower had already had an inglorious NGO collaboration with the UN in the past until they were exposed.

    If anybody know or become aware of any solid evidence for this assumption, please let me know!


  • JeffT
    The Henrietta M Riley trust has shares in Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lily and Merck. All massive pharmaceutical companies.

    So What?

  • Pedro

    The watchtower has invested its assets in many areas. everything that brings money, that was already clear to me. including, of course, the pharmaceutical industry.

    The tax reports show that this was the case long before the Covid era. I simply cannot imagine that the investment in the pharmaceutical industry is the only reason why the Covid experimental therapy was promoted and pressure is still being exerted on the members of the organization to this day.

    Due to this radical change of course towards a de facto compulsory vaccination, many witnesses have woken up and started to ask questions, I think there's more to it. According to the principle of promoting everything in which one is invested, the watchtower would also have to encourage the purchase of weapons or something similar because of its investments in the arms industry.

    They will do ANYTHING to keep the tax exemption. I am now convinced of that.

    There is also an interesting article about it here:

    It also mentions the current plans to enforce or maintain the tax exemption, with a promotional video for the authorities that shows how "non-profit" the watchtower is. If necessary, the tax exemption will also be claimed in court. seems to be THE topic for the GB.

  • Teddnzo

    The huge problem is that it’s difficult to talk about without boarding on apostasy. People are talking About the covid vaccines and how they may not be as safe as we were told. But they never go further and say the GB got it wrong.

    How can we talk about it without going too far and being accused of causing division?

    I think the answer is asking questions rather than making statements.

    My wife and I are very careful when we ask how people feel now? Questions that come across in a way that seem like we are on the side of the GB but get people thinking.

    this has to be done in a clever way, it has to be factual and accurate in what happened but not accurate in how we feel about it, so make it sound like we are on the side of the GB.

    something like “we are so pleased we had the GB to tell us it would be ok to take the vaccines, all the reports now of excess deaths and ruined health from the vaccines is obviously Satan trying to tarnish the GB reputation, so pleased we can trust the GB and not Satans world

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