What is this "religion"?

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  • MissFit

    These stories break my heart. As soon as you said JW , I knew the ending of the story. You were his trial sent by Satan and your JW was victorious. How could you compete with everlasting life on paradise? It was better for him to say goodbye now than to watch you die at Armageddon.

    I'm sorry.

  • Finkelstein

    The JWS religion was designed by men who owned and operated their own published house. (WTS.)

    It created a false commercialized version of the Gospel to enhance the proliferation of the WTS's published literature.

    It was able to lure people in by instigated that they were the true and pure worshipers of Jesus and the father Jehovah by adhering strictly to bible Scripture , where other Christian faiths ( Catholicism, Protestantism etc. ) strayed.

    In addition by self supporting proclamation that Jesus was picking out of humanity ones who were true adherent Christians since 1914 and since they were true worshipers they would chosen to not be destroyed at the soon to come judgment day of Armageddon.

    So the psychology of fear was also a binding catalysis for many to vow themselves to the WTS in the hope of making it through Armageddon and living on into eternity or at least 1000 years.

    What also retains and socially binds people this religion is the fear of excommunication or disfellowshipping, many families have been broken apart by this one single doctrine.

    There are indirect elements of suicide, deaths from refusing Blood transfusions, that are notably to beware of as well.

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