I guess no one has kids then...

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  • Debz

    I have 3..

    Narelle 24

    Laura 22

    Bevan 17

    and grandkiddies..Kyle aged 4, Angel Aged 2 and Joshua aged 12 months....

  • SYN

    RedHorseWoman, does Melanie like younger men?

    [SYN], Old Enough To Drink In America In 20 Days Class.

  • Realist


    absolutely....that is if your daughter doesn't mind to move to europe! ;-)

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Comf; that is such a wonderful picture...

    I have three big babies;

    daughter no1;nearly 16,GCSE's coming up soon.She's into horses in a big way which suits me as we have that common interest to keep us talking and it keeps her busy

    daughter no2; 13, also into horses and football, skating,swimming, riding her bike( with no brakes to get the rush...) abseiling face forwards off cliffs - archery,grass sledging; this one i'll have to tie up pretty soon

    and my son, 8; he is a sports nut, I spend most of my life watching him play them all...and being patiently taught how to do 'keep-ups' ,'flip-ups' , headers,shooting accurately, rugby tackles, catching, batting and various other important skills that he thinks I need to know how to do, to live a fulfilling life

    A few more hours in the day would be nice!

  • Simon
    This forum is very quiet.
    I guess all us with kids are kept too busy to post!
    We have two boys - Liam (3) and Dylan (1)
    How about everyone else ?

    Wow ... this is an old post - mine are now nearly 6 and 4 !!!!

    Aren't kids the best?! Really what makes life worthwhile.

    Valis - I'm considering banning you from posting pics 'cause it's making us broody to have a little girl. They are adorable.

    Termite: You can't be old enough to have a 16 year old daughter!

  • Valis

    Thanks Simon. I took those during my recent XMAS visit to them. They are great girls and I love them very much. Rowdy, sassy, imaginative, blonde hair, blue eyes...Methinks Big Tex was right about the shotgun... .....Broody eh? You know what they say practrice makes perfect.. Perhaps we could arrange a couple marriages to ensure the Apostacy doesn't die off...we could have a big ceremony, maybe in Westminster Abbey...as you know the English have always been good at creating alliances by marriage from afar. BTW if you ban me from posting pictures how am I supposed to post new and naughty pics of Britney Spears for you HUH? HUH? Answer that one freak boy! *LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • Simon

    No Britney (breaking out in cold sweat)

    Post away, god dammit !

    I'll go book West Minster Abbey now ...

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