I guess no one has kids then...

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  • Simon

    This forum is very quiet.
    I guess all us with kids are kept too busy to post!
    We have two boys - Liam (3) and Dylan (1)
    How about everyone else ?

  • SolidSender

    Simon - none that I know of.-SolidSender

  • Simon

    he he he
    You sly dog you ...

  • RedhorseWoman

    I have one....Melanie (age 22, beautiful and single in case anyone's interested (hehehehe)).

    I survived the teen years!!!!

  • waiting


    I have three, Dawn 29, Aaron 25, and Josiah 22. All beautiful, willful, and independent. Snots, all of them.

    I barely survived the teen years. I am much greyer for the effort, however. My greatest pleasure was that they all were blessed with straight, good teeth (from their father - the only good thing he ever did!)

  • Caliban

    he he, I bet she'll thank you for posting that - not! Is it all parents that try to matchmake? Will I be doing it in 20 years time?
    Waiting - are / were your kids brought up in the truth?

  • somebody

    Hi everybody,

    I have 2 kids. My son is 18, about to enter his second year of college (a future pharmacist) :-), and I have a 16 year old daughter about to enter her junior yr. in high school. So far the teenage years have gone very smoothly ,except maybe teaching them to drive. I've seen my whole life flash by a few times while they were at the wheel.

    I guess your kids must keep you very busy, Simon. Mine did when they where those ages for sure!


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  • waiting

    Hey Somebody,

    I passionately hated to teach my kids to drive. I couldn't teach my daughter - one of us was going to kill each other. When we told her we would furnish a used car for her - but she would have to pay her insurance, she decided to let her boyfriend drive her around till she was 19!!!

    She is such a snot - her father is too, btw.

    I went with my boys -- narrowly escaped committing suicide after coming home each time.

    They now don't like to drive with me, btw. They say I make them nervous!!! Go figure....


  • Roamingfeline

    Speaking of kids.... I have four. Jenni, age 23, Robyn, age 22 who's married to Chris and has my granddaughter Laura, age 2, and also about to give birth in October to Casey (boy). I also have Jaime, age 17, who just spent a month with me here in Australia. She left two days ago and I've been bawling my eyes out ever since. She's going back to finish her senior year in Missouri. And I also have Katie-Rose, age four, here in Perth with me. All girls, all very pretty.

  • waiting

    Hey Cat,

    Age 23 to 4, huh......... Mine are 29, 26, 24. Dropped 'em fast, figured out what caused it - ended that stuff - bought me a color tv!

    I just stopped figuring I'd be "lucky" and not get pregnant - it finally occurred to me I was not a lucky person......


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