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  • punkofnice

    tonus - I'm glad you are out of the city. Good on ya, mate. Live prosp and longer.

  • Simon

    Enjoy your tour of the UK Kim. Sorry we're no longer living there and don't have the chance to meetup. There are some great beautiful historic places to visit and the scenery is gorgeous (old castles such as Conwy, are fantastic).

    Most countries have bad places and good places. The west seems to be going through a suicidal experiment of not protecting citizens from criminals as they once did, so unless you are fortunate to live in a more affluent area you are more likely to be subjected to the stress of having to live with the threats that inevitably result from the misguided policies.

    Canada has just had a perfect example of what happens when the criminal justice system makes excuses for people and is simply a revolving door. It is not helping the people the policies pretend to be supporting - I'm sure minority communities would rather the criminal elements are removed, rather than being free to prey on them.

  • jhine

    Punky l am delighted to agree to disagree in a non disagreeable manner with your disagreement. Sounds very grown up and reasonable and does appear to be agreeable to you .

    Actually Tamuff is ok . You very rarely hear of any incidents especially not stabbings. There are enough Tamworth social media sites to ensure that stuff gets round .

    The big hoo ha of late has been some travellers around the area.

    You are still very welcome to attend our 5pm sung Evensong service . If you came then l think that you would agree that it's most agreeable

    Agreeably yours Jan

  • joe134cd

    I was in the bank the other day, and a saw security officer going out to the back of the bank, to collect the cash. He didn’t carry a gun. In fact law enforcement are not allowed to carry guns on their person. I can’t see that been the case in the future. But it drove home to me how blessed I am to live in the country that I do. There are stringent laws around gun ownership. Politically and economically the country is strong, with low levels of corruption. A doctors visit the other day Cost me $US12, and the prescription was free. It’s usually listed as one of the top 5 places in the world in which to live. As far as I’m concerned Americans and Europeans can stay where they are.

  • Simon
    and the prescription was free

    It really wasn't free, it just wasn't paid by you at that moment.

  • BettyHumpter

    "It really wasn't free, it just wasn't paid by you at that moment."

    Yeah, it was paid for through taxes. Seems more sensible for something like healthcare that all citizens will need at some point than the way it's done here in the states.

    We pay for it as well through payroll deductions. The quality of the insurance varies by employer. Just pray you don't lose your job and then get sick in the interim between the next job or you're basically screwed.

  • Diogenesister
    Punky Try walking through Peterborough in the late hours without a stab-vest on. It's a bit stabby and robby.

    😂There was a nationwide survey recently about how happy you are with where you live. Worst place in Britain? You guessed it ... Peterborough. When I was young I thought it was the most boring place in Britain with the most grumpy people!!

    Kim derby isn’t on my list of places to visit so hopefully I’ll be ok

    Ahhh my brother used to live in Derby. It's a bit of a dump in parts but the people are lovely. But then, I'm used to southerners so my standards are pretty low🤷‍♀️

  • BluesBrother

    “I'm used to southerners so my standards are pretty low🤷‍♀️“

    Come On , I am a Southerner (UK) and I think our reputation is undeserved. I have been pleasantly surprised lately by the kindness of our neighbours.

    We are who we are, many prefer to keep to ourselves but offers of assistance are there often enough.

    To the original poster on holiday, I would say that the visitor experience is different than living here . There are many beautiful places to visit, just take a brolly

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    “I'm used to southerners so my standards are pretty low🤷‍♀️“

    I'm a grumpy old northerner that now lives on the south coast. The locals I have and do deal with have all welcomed me and I have made many friends, JW and non-JW. Don't tar everyone with the same brush.


    I live in Bolton, near Manchester.

    What cities/towns do you plan to visit?

    I am currently near Birmingham - planning on staying in this area till Wednesday evening then going to East London 💗

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