Breaking News: Saddam May Be Dead

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  • Brummie

    JH I swear I cant see any difference in that photo, lol. Even the bump on the side of his bottom lip looks the same to me.

    Its interesting to hear that Sadass has people made to look like him through surgery! Imagine when they catch him he can pretend to be someone else who just looks like him...


  • RandomTask

    Jourles, that was priceless.

    ahh, moment of Zen

  • Trauma_Hound

    Jourles that was not a broadcast down a telco, or t-1, my background is TV Communications in particular, if you ever catch a PBS series called Painting with Pastels look for my name in the credits, I used to work at a TV station, and I now work for the largest Internet Video and Audio streaming company in the world. If if they had microwave uplinks, you still can trace the links back to the source. You don't know much about our military, they would have also tapped they're telco's.

  • animal

    Is that the same place Preston was working at for a while? Live feed of nekid men?


  • chachasmum


    Maybe someone used chemical or biological warfare on his face. HeeHee

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    They say (and you know how "they" are) that this is indeed Saddam. Not the final word yet, but "almost certain".

  • minimus

    If he was dead, this war would not be in vain (hopefully).

  • minimus

    I just read that eyewitnesses said that Saddam did get very badly wounded and was seen being carried out by some men.

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